My Husband, My Hero

My oven door makes me sad. Repeatedly milk has boiled over from my stove top and made its way down into the oven door vents, streaking the inside of the oven door glass panels in a very unsightly way. I couldn’t figure out a way to get in there and clean up the mess without spending money on a service call.

And then it hit me: I should google it. Figuring out how to phrase my search was a little tricky but I hit pay dirt the second time searching. On a message board I learned that by removing the lower drawer of the range one could get up between the glass with a windex soaked cloth on a stick and clean up the mess.
Thankfully, my husband was up for the task. This morning he got to work rigging two paint stirrers together so he would have enough reach.

I didn’t take a before shot since I really just want to forget about the horrors of the streaked oven glass. But look! here is my husband modeling his paraphernalia in front of the just cleaned oven window. Nice.

Inspired by his dutiful kitchen service, I wanted to reciprocate with a very dairy lunch. Not for the vegan hearted.

This curds and whey soup is very simple to prepare and good for your tummy. An homage to M. Kaulini, our dear friend who is terribly ill right now, she used to make this soup frequently during her 30 + years cooking at Gita Nagari Farm.
To make, simply boil a half gallon of milk, add a curdling agent such as lemon juice or citric acid and stir until the milk curds and whey separate. Add some chopped vegetables, salt, pepper, hing and dried herbs, boil and you have this mild yet flavorful soup.

Basmati rice, broccoli and potato sabji, salad and paneer steaks tempted my husband to go for seconds but he resisted, opting to save room for dinner.


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3 responses to “My Husband, My Hero

  1. Ananga-manjari

    The curds and whey soup sounds very tempting.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    are you taking dairy these days?

  3. BhaktaBill

    I really like your blog Icheck it everyday, thank you for having it posted on Planet Iskcon. Purity IS the Force!

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