World’s Best Salad Dressing

Gopala-guru, my favorite Kiwi cook still living in New Zealand, boasted, I mean, posted this recipe on his blog a few days back.

GGd made a pretty bold claim, declaring his dressing “World’s Best.” But I like bold, especially when it comes to salad dressing promotion. I know Cristina  gave the recipe a whirl the other day, making it for her fam and for a raw food client. I’ve been meaning to try it out myself, but was lacking a few key (implicit) ingredients: salad stuff!
This afternoon I picked up some greenery et al and tonite got to work toasting my sunflower seeds and soaking my raisins. GGd’s recipe calls for sunflower oil but I used extra virgin olive. Couldn’t hurt, right?
The toasted seeds and the raisins gave a nice earthy richness to the dressing. I needed to add some water because fresh out of the blender the stuff was too thick; “as is” it would have made a great dip and a little thicker it could have held it’s own as a sandwich spread. Also, I ended up adding a lump or two (or three or four) of sugar. I like it sweet, okay?
Is this the “World’s Best Salad Dressing”? 
Sure. Why not.

This is just a representational sample of the dressing on salad. There was more dressing. I promise you.

My husband really enjoyed it–which is saying a lot considering, like his parents, he is not particularly partial to creamy dressings. I appreciate the simplicity of the ingredients…and the measurements. Half cup measures down the list make this recipe a cinch to memorize. Hey, you never know when you’ll have to whip up a little impromptu salad dressing. Crazier things have been known to happen.
Finally, and most importantly, I feel the real opulence of this dressing recipe lies in the economy of it. Easy to get ingredients which won’t break the bank, this recipe is delicious, nutritious and totally suitable for these hard economic times. Unlike many almond based vegan dressings, GGd’s creation is not elitist (although I do know people who get food stamps who buy much fancier, better quality groceries than little old me). My guess is this recipe would be great next time you’re making salad for a few hundred people. You know, like Gopala-guru does.

My husband cannot live on salad alone…even if it is smothered in the World’s Best Dressing! Green beans and eggplant rollatini weighted down the meal.



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2 responses to “World’s Best Salad Dressing

  1. kmala

    I tried this dressing tonight, except I subbed the raisins for craisins. I can’t imagine the flavor would be all that much better with regular raisins. I mean, it was just ok. I wouldn’t, in any way, call this the world’s best dressing.

  2. Gopal

    Just a note, I got this recipe from the Hare Krishna’s in Wellington – there are some far out cooks down there. I will post more recipes from them when I get them…

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