Beautiful People Around the World Love Sabjimata!

While many of you are still steaming from my break up with My Client (well, everyone seems to be happy about the break-up, it was the relationship which was the problem), let me assure you that my efforts at being Sabjimata have not gone unappreciated. Sure, My Client may not have fully understood the planning, time and effort that goes into my culinary creations, but throughout the world, Sabjimata has evolved into a much sought after brand.
Just see!

In British Columbia, Sabjimata’s Barbecued Gluten  Kebab recipe is  feeding thousands of hungry Canadian villagers with the help of prasadam chef and head grain miller, Karuna-mayi.

Sharon, of Australia, cannot stand My Client, but loves Sabjimata Strawberry Jam!

As does her beautiful daughter…

…and handsome sons (only one pictured here, but they kind of look alike).

Aussie artist, Melinda Harper, is starving no more after a cracker full of Sabimata Jam.
To hell with My Client. I have Canada and Australia on my side. 
(Does that make me sound wounded?)

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