Super Fry

Barbecued gluten kebobs. I totally cannot stand them. So how on earth did I end up cooking a batch (6 cups flour yielded 15 kebobs for anyone keeping track) this morning?

Because Sabjimata believes in charitable works. And charity, it seems, starts with gluten. And in my case, sadly, ends with gluten. 
This morning I cooked up a batch of barbecued gluten for a former customer who had been in an accident. His hand was injured but, from what I hear, he is more or less okay. But of course, a little Sabjimata seitan makes it all that much better. In the short run at least.

Although none of us in my house have an appetite for barbecued gluten, there are plenty of other deep fried treats we will happily eat. This afternoon I fried up a big batch of paneer pakoras. Served hot and fresh, these are a favorite of my kids–what to speak of my husband, who enthusiastically volunteered to go to the store and pick up the milk when I suggested the menu.

For the dipping sauce, I combined some leftover barbecue sauce from the kebobs with some leftover tamarind peanut chutney from my birthday. Super-yum.

Right now my upstairs kitchen reminds me of a Vaikuntha planet (you know, the one where everyone is always cooking)–super warm from a day of cooking, filled with lingering smells of pakoras and ghee. It could only smell better if some mustard seeds, hing and coconut were chaunced alongside a pan of dry roasted cumin. Basically, my kitchen smells like a temple kitchen, which I think is the best smell on earth.



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5 responses to “Super Fry

  1. Radhapriya devi dasi

    >>Basically, my kitchen smells like a temple kitchen, which I think is the best smell on earth.<<Totally agree with you on that one…although I'd extend that to my whole house smelling like a temple (the combination of Indian food smells coupled with lots of dank incense). Nothing beats a pot of khitchri on the stove and mangala arati to make that happen. Also one question on the BBQ gluten…does deep frying have to happen? Could you just bake the gluten pieces? I'm totally not a fan of deep fried things…really try to avoid it at all costs except of course on Sundays.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    today i pan fried it in a cast iron skillet. i imagine you could bake it without the sauce and then broil it with the sauce…but you would need to put some kind of fat on the gluten to get it right.i tried making it without frying once (no bake either) and the texture was just not did not hold the sauce well. totally different experience.let me know if you experiment how it turns out.alternatively, you could do it with tofu or paneer and just boil in the sauce and bake. they behave better than the for tempeh..i just pretend it doesn’t exist.

  3. karunamayi

    *6 cups flour yielded 15 kebobs for anyone keeping track* wow… the pictures must be deceiving, bc those sound like k-bobs for a giant! Agasura sized k-bobs!My (Your?) kbobs were the talk of the program on Friday. Thank you, Devadeva, for facilitating the prasadam pleasure of 40 devotees.The only glitch that happened was that I didn’t have enough room to boil the gluten brains properly, so when they started doing their *need to expand* thing, I simply didn’t have enough space for them.Consequently, a few were rather tough and I was able to eyeball this when we were chopping them up into little hunks. As for deep frying, I don’t mind going all out for treats. We definitely don’t have a deepfry fiesta here regularly, but when it comes to treats like this, skimping just simply would not bring the smiles and I kid you not… Feet kissing. Right there before God and everybody! lol

  4. karunamayi

    oh, and I acquired 3 inch bamboo skewers and 8 cups of gluten made 100 of those bad boys. Perhaps you are using javelin sized skewers? lol

  5. Devadeva Mirel

    3 inches ain’t nothing!!!

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