Pillow Talk

I know many of you are experts on all sorts of things. Herbs, magnets, internal cleanses, baskets, cell phones, wood stoves, cobb houses, yoga, cooking, cows, etc….so I am posting this to see if someone–anyone–out there has already researched this.

I need a good pillow.

I prefer something natural and, of course, good for my back.

Sleeping is difficult for me because my back aches the whole night. I basically feel like it is kind of broken/weak. I suppose I need to improve my “core strength” but first I would like a good pillow.

Here’s my sleep situation–I sleep on an extra-firm mattress and prefer sleeping on my back but do try lying on my side at times because my back just hurts. The achiness is in the middle of my back. I use one pillow but have recently tried using two but that only made my back hurt in a different spot.

What should I go for? Buckwheat hulls, memory foam, mustard seeds, natural wool, a dictionary? If it will make me feel better, I am willing to try it!

Thanking you in advance…XO D


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4 responses to “Pillow Talk

  1. David Jorm

    Here in China a common kind of pillow consists of standard foam or other pillow material with a buckwheat core. The core is a rectangular section about half the total size of the pillow, and half the width, sticking to one side. So if you want the feel of a 'hard' buckwheat pillow with some soft support underneath it you go buckwheat side up, or alternatively for soft padding with a solid supportive core, buckwheat side down, as is my choice. I thoroughly recommend these pillows which here cost about 50RMB (US$8).

  2. karunamayi

    ahhhh… back pain.

    Darling, if you sleep on your back, highly inadvisable, it would relieve alot of the pressure on your mid and lower back to have a big wedge or several pillows stacked under your knees.

    This formation pushes your spine into the bed and relieves the pain from the unnatural arching which takes place when you are on your back without support. You can try it right now. Lie on the floor and lift your feet towards your bottom and plant them there at a natural angle. See? relief on the lower back is there!

    Now, for side sleeping, the spine being aligned is key. If you do find yourself in this position, I recommend having a pillow (any kind) curled up in your neck so that your head, neck and upper spine are aligned.

    You don't want any heavy heads pulling adversely on your spine while your muscles are trying to rest.

    Then, you have your husband wedge a pillow behind your back so you have support. you cuddle a nice sized pillow in your arms so your arms are supported instead of dragging down on your neck and shoulders. THEN… yes… I know… You put a pillow between your knees. This elevates your knees so they, too, are in align with the rest of your body.

    In my vast experience, I would say that this is far more important than *the* best (and most likely expensive) pillow. Here, my friend, quantity and NOT quality matter.

    For side sleeping, this can be achieved with one rolled up neck pillow and 2 body pillows. One in front and one in back.

    This is 3 car accidents worth of physical therapy talking. Oh, and a strong dash of Kappha expertise in matters of the dozing.

  3. Tulasi

    Devadeva devi,

    I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering from back pain…I thought until now that you were superwoman, able to cook up delicious feasts while effortlessly being superwife, a great mom and fashionable dancing girl at the same time..

    Please take care of yourself and just take it easy, ok? You might consider taking up yoga, which is what I did. Everytime I start having back pain, I do a couple of reliable asanas, and it sorts out the problem 9 times out of 10.

    As a doctor's daughter, my prescription is:

    * rest, rest and more rest
    * gentle yoga
    * a couple of organic buckwheat pillows

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    david…wow…good deal. here a pillow like that would probably cost around $160!

    karunamayi—girrrrrl…that's a *lot* of pillows! can yo feel the pea under your mattress as well?

    seriously, thanks for the advice…i know the pillow body blocking well from pregnancy…which again makes me want to ask you, are you sure you're not….

    tulasi–thanks for the expert advice. being a doctor's daughter goes a long way! yeah, yoga has been on my"to-do" list for years but i can't sit still long enough to do any..even now i am typing this while in the shower 😉

    from what everyone said on fb and here, i think i am going for a buckwheat pillow…and so karnuamayi doesn't get hurt feelings, i will use my old pillows to prop up my legs 😉

    xoxoxoxox thanks to all!!!

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