Is This Really Necessary?

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a KitchenAid stand mixer in apple green or tangerine?” I ask myself often. And now, after receiving a combo birthday/Chanukah gelt check from my mom and dad, I find myself asking another question, “Is this really necessary?”

I am anti-gadget, yet I love food processors, blenders and hand mixers. I just don’t like ultra specialized equipment, such as bread machines, waffle makers (it got returned today), deep fryers and electric non-stick griddles. But the KitchenAid stand mixer is more in the food processor category than in the electric fondue pot category, no?

But what would I do with it? I don’t bake that many cakes and the cakes I do bake turn out a-ok with my hand mixer (left and right attachments included). So, should I splurge on the stand mixer? Should I? Really, I want your opinion.

Maybe I would make more cakes, better cakes even, if I had the KitchenAid stand mixer. Maybe everything in my life would be better. Maybe my gray hair will disappear and my face will generate new collagen and rude, unexpected cravings for candy will just disappear and I will actually enjoy taking vitamins and herbs and, no wait a minute…a stand mixer won’t do any of that.

My hands have served me just fine all these years but maybe my dedication to handiwork is just a Y2K throwback which is, like, so last millennium. But then again, going green is all the rage and by avoiding this kind of purchase I save energy on so many levels.

But still, I wonder, what do you think?

I am particularly interested in hearing from you if you have this kind of mixer or if you just have really strong opinions about not buying into/plugging into for such simple tasks as kneading some bread dough or mixing up cake batter. Although I do think my white cakes would be fluffier.


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10 responses to “Is This Really Necessary?

  1. Sita-Rama

    i’ve never gotten a chance to use one of these. but i have always admired Mother Kirtida’s (vidyananda’s wife, saraswati’s mom; she works at the charter school). after years of hosting the entire girls ashram for the christmas marathon, she would prepare warm, fluffy, breads, cakes, spreads, batters, you name it with her good ole kitchen aid that she’s had forever. everything seemed so simple after throwing it into the bowl and whipping it up. if you get a chance, ask her opinion. 🙂

  2. kmala

    I have one in butter-cream yellow. I’ve used it several times to make doughs and big batches of cookies – but for the past few years it has just collected dust in my pantry closet. I find taking it out and then having to clean it later is more trouble than it’s worth. I’d rather just use my hands – except maybe for like pizza dough. though I never make that. but you know, I am a collector, so I do love owning it. especially in the butter-cream yellow.

  3. Varacita

    I do not own a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Mine is a DeLonghi. I cannot imagine doing all the baking I do without a stand mixer. While a hand mixer will do the job, the advantage of a stand mixer is that you will have two hands free and can do other things while the mixer is running. Mixing whole wheat bread dough would burn out the motor after some time though. A stand mixer is great for cakes, cookies, icings, etc. If you often make double batches of cookies I would recommend a bigger capacity Kitchen Aid. And there are other brands out like Cuisinart, DeLonghi….

  4. Alisson/Ambalika

    This post actually caused me to remove the Kitchen Aid stand mixer from my ‘wish list’… I don’t really cook-cook, I am a novice but learning. I always assumed that the stand mixer was a necessity of a well equipped kitchen and Devadeva – you are a real cooker and don’t have one… what they heck do I need one for? If I had one it would probably go the way of Kadamba’s and end up in my closet… yet another dust collecting small appliance. So, I guess my vote would be, if you have not noticed a Kitchen Aid stand mixer sized void in your life, why bother… but the apple green sure is pretty.

  5. karunamayi

    I did some serious investigation on the Kitchen Aid Mixer both virtually and eyeball to eyeball and was convinced to purchase one based on the results.The overriding consensus was “I use mine EVERYDAY! Now, I promise you, this lady will NOT be whipping up a batch of butter cookies daily, but, I would be very happy to have home baked bread and pizza dough regularly. We also host many a home program and attend many a potluck, so…For me, it has more to do with serious gout developing in my right hand and right foot. I cannot knead dough. It is agonizing, what to speak of the fact that I use home-ground flour from the berries over there in the Ikea flip top buckets in my kitchen. That dough is TOUGH. Thus, I opted for a 475 watt mixer yesterday. Mine is not just black; It’s Onyx black and yes, dammit, it WILL take me back to Godhead simultaneously giving me that smooth silky hair I’ve always wanted.I was able to buy it “used” as in the ad said “Brand new in box (BNIB), never used Kitchen Aid Mixer. Black Onyx. Fraction of the price and warranty included.” SOLD! said the girl with silky hair.Haha! my word verrification is “cycoled” which pronounced properly sounds like “psycho led”… lol

  6. kmala

    alisson/ambalika – just as a side note – it’s definitely not a “small appliance”, hence why mine is sitting in a closet and not beautifully displayed on my countertop.

  7. Devadeva Mirel

    wow…between here and facebook i have gotten such mixed feedback.i am still confused. it is a lot of money…but somehow it seems like it would be nice….even if i just used it as…decoration…like a kitchen sculpture.

  8. karunamayi

    DD, i just made butter. BUTTER! in my Mix master. It was worth the 225$ for 3.45$ worth of butter. lolNow, I am making muffins and then bread. You know… to go with my BUTTER!I think you’ll use it lots. I did note the magnificence of the whipping cream on it’s way to butter. Wow! I had never had stiff whipping cream before.

  9. Devadeva Mirel

    yeah, i'm going to get it. in due course of time.jeez, you are such a little homesteader. you cook a lot…why don't you start a little bloggo to share with the world your homeliness (<—bollywood lingo for home-i-ness…cracks me up mwaahahaha!)please? for me? do a blog??

  10. Devadeva Mirel

    never mind…i know how much you hate going on the internet. maya prajalpa total waste of time. no, not you.not me.

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