I’m Not That Type of Girl

This morning I called My Client to see what was up for Tuesday’s cooking.

My Client wanted to talk.
My Client was getting the feeling that I just wasn’t as into the whole thing as I used to be. I told him that I just wasn’t feeling appreciated. He went away for a few weeks when I thought it was just going to be one. I wanted more of a commitment from him. He wanted to keep things the way they were.
I wanted to take the relationship to the next level. I wanted a contract, some kind of agreement, to protect my interests. My Client didn’t see any reason to get so entangled. Rather, he wanted to kind of go about his life, calling me up when he wanted some personal chef action. 
“Wait a minute,” I stammered, unable to believe what I was hearing, “you want me to be, like, on call.” 
He did.
I am so not that type of girl.
“You got to think whether this is what you want,” he said.
“You’re breaking up with me?” I said.
He just laughed. “No, you just have to think if this works for you. I can’t change for anyone.”
He was breaking up with me.
I told My Client (who was rapidly becoming My Former Client) how it wasn’t my fault he felt bloated from my cooking…he wasn’t supposed to eat an entire foccacia in one sitting! I told him that it was a little annoying when he questioned the hours I billed him for the Thanksgiving extravaganza, considering I made everything…EVERYTHING…from scratch. Pumpkin pie, bread crumbs, three kinds of sorbet, raspberry caramel sauce…EVERYTHING. I told him how aggravating it was that one week he declares eggplant his favorite vegetable only to tell me the next week that “it’s too much eggplant.”
“I didn’t know you were so sensitive,” he said.
I didn’t say anything.
And then that’s when he told me that if  I wanted to keep cooking for him, if I wanted him to  remain My Client, that I would need to cook something special every time.
“I don’t know what it is,” he said, “but I like things to be special.”
“But I am special,” I said, “everything I make for you is special.”
Silence came from his end.
“I just don’t think we’re compatible,” I said.
“Maybe you’re right,” He said.
“I’ll think about it. Let me talk to my husband. I’ll email you later today.” And that’s how we left it.
I don’t mind not working for My Former Client. Sure, no work, no pay, but I haven’t worked in a few weeks and he is planning to go to Italy for a couple of months starting in April. And did I mention that when we were on the phone he was talking about fasting. Fasting! No, I didn’t.
“For my health,” he said.
So now that I am officially broken up from My Client, I need to find myself another situation. In the meantime, how about a little Sabjimata Personal Chef nostalgia…as I cry myself to sleep even though intellectually I know just how bad he was for me.

Eat your plate.

A personal fave of mine: eggplant rollatini.

I am special!

Hearty fare.

Thali rasa-sthali


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15 responses to “I’m Not That Type of Girl

  1. kmala

    seriously, that guy is freakin’ crazy. what’s wrong with him?!?!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    he’s really a nice guy. really. but…in the kitchen it definitely wasn’t amore between us.

  3. Kristine

    Sounds like a dysfunctional culinary relationship…

  4. Tulasi

    Haribol Deva Deva,As a regular silent (until now) reader of your blog, I just want to say that your client really doesn’t know what a culinary gem he is losing. Some men are just never, never satisfied…I so wish I had the pious credits to hire you to cook for me!Remember, when one door closes, another brighter one opens.Best wishes 😉

  5. Devadeva Mirel

    Thank you beautiful Tulasi Devi! At first I thought you were our local Tulasi Priya Dasi, who is never silent :0Ladies, this is just the type of girl power support I need right now. This moment feels oh so Steel Manolias!And yes, my colors *are* blush and bashful!!

  6. Tulasi

    Honey, that man just doesn’t deserve a capable, creative girl like you!I live thousands of miles away from Alachua but through some technological magic the internet connects magnolian consciousnesses…(I tried to paste a photograph of a blushing magnolia here, but blogger was having none of it)

  7. Satyavati devi dasi

    Devadeva, I’m sitting here looking at these gorgeous pictures and actually glad that you and this guy have dissolved your relationship (such as it was).You don’t deserve someone who doesn’t appreciate the time, the thought, the pre-prep prep and all the love that went into this food. You don’t deserve someone who sends mixed messages, refuses to commit, and has no recognition of what’s (literally, on a plate) before him.His opinion of you doesn’t define you and cannot change who or what you are! You ARE special and what comes out of your kitchen are masterpieces-I sit here and just envy you for your ability.Everything happens for a reason. It’ll all come clear after a while.How about small-group catering?

  8. mrssilverman

    I agree w/ Tulasi. He does not deserve you or your services. You’re so talented! Maybe I’ll fly you in so you can cater my wedding.;)You have no boundaries nor limits!!xoxo.Amanda

  9. Lila

    You can rebound with me! ; )

  10. Devadeva Mirel

    XOXOX to you all!He is not a demon, I assure you, but a bit of a mama’s boy? Totally.I need to cook for a *real* man!!!!😉

  11. tulasi-priya dasi

    I think he found another cook. Good riddance, I say. Now that you have all this free time, when are you having us over for dinner?

  12. Devadeva Mirel

    really? do you know for sure? who…cooks?dinner, eh? let me talk to my husband.hey…we are having a program for hh ggs disapp. on feb. 13 (friday the 13th). 6 pm. you are invited! as is anyone else interested in glorifying hh ggs.

  13. tulasi-priya dasi

    Oh, you don’t have to have us over, I was (half-) joking. Do I know if the Client has found another cook? No, not for certain. I cook, but nobody I know could pay me what I think I’m worth. Not because I think I’m the best, but because a personal cook (“chef” is so pretentious, it really just means “chief” of a kitchen team) is such a luxury, the Client must pay through the nose, at least in America.

  14. matagopal

    I always tell my husband when he requests more “special” fare that the people that don’t have to do the cooking always want the special stuff cause they have no idea what goes in to making it!! I’m happy to eat kitari every day. Because it’s quick, easy, healthy, and relatively cheap. And only 1 pot to wash!!! So to all those “I want something special every time” people, I think they should get to know what that special-ness takes and then maybe they could appreciate how special (that word does not do your feats justice) your fare is.

  15. Devadeva Mirel

    well…he was *paying me*…but i do have to agree.now post those quartz countertops!!! tuff as nails!!!i am so happy for you on the new kitchen…send some remodel vibes my way…PLEASE!!!

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