Vani Instructs

Vani, one of the smart, talented and beautiful kids from my recent cooking classes, sent me this lovely pic of a savory she made for her family’s Christmas dinner. It is called “Peddaha”, and this is what Vani has to say about it:

My aunt used to make them every x-mas and then she taught me how so I have been making them every year. Peddaha is from around Yugoslavia. The dish has tons of dairy: cottage cheese in the filling, sour cream in the dough and sour cream on top. It’s basically potato stuffed bread. There are some things the recipe doesn’t say like to seal the dough really well with lots of water other wise you are going to have soggy bread with dried and crunchy potatoes everywhere. Also the measurements are not right. The dough shouldn’t be rolled out so long and you can make them small or big (to your liking).

Vani also recommends using lots and lots of flour on your work surface and rolling pin when rolling out this treat. To view Aunt Rangavati’s recipe, follow this link.

There is also a similar recipe in Sriman Kurma Prabhu’s Great Vegetarian Dishes (page 100).

Maybe we will have a little peddaha tonite. It doesn’t really go with what else I am serving (leftover birthday cake) but if I add a green vegetable to the menu and a little salad, everyone should be satisfied.



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2 responses to “Vani Instructs

  1. kmala

    I remember that Gaurangi Priya (NC) made this for me once (well, not me personally, but I ate what she made for Krishna) and it is so delicious. I’ve used the Kurma recipe before and it comes out quite nice. two thumbs up from me…for whatever that is worth.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    kmala…you are known for your arresting beauty and discerning palate. your endorsement means everything to me. the dinner menu is set.xoxoxo

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