My Personal Life

I just received a series of pics from My Client, who is apparently dining at Candle 79, a fancy vegan restaurant in NYC.

My husband and I both looked at the first pic he sent (below) and just shook our heads. Oh how I wish I had a client who liked Indian cooking.

Because I want to get fired and because I know My Client is amused when I complain about him online, I am including my reply to him.

I think this is a pic of ravioli.  While it is a fact that I am dying for ravioli, it is also a fact that I would want a huge sloppy plate of it sprinkled with large amounts of parmesan and romano cheese. 

i read the frank bruni review of this restaurant when it came out in the times.

personally, this kind of stuff is not my cup of tea but i know you like it so i am happy for you.

today is my birthday. for the temple breakfast i prepared:

khala chana/baigun/sak sabji
dahi vada
imli chatney
berry shrikand
cupcakes with pink frosting (colored with blackberry juice)

it was totally indian and totally awesome. vande mataram!!!!

Maybe I will get lucky and My Client will bring back with him a personal chef from Candle 79. One could only hope.

The fact that I haven’t worked since the week before Christmas is starting to get to me (financially) and the bonus My Client gave me is seeming less impressive week after non-working week.

If anyone out there would like to offer me employment, please email me at Really.



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6 responses to “My Personal Life

  1. Lila

    Oh DD! If it were only possible to hire you from so many miles away… I wouldn’t even care what you made, just as long as it was deep fried and full of goodness. ; )

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    you don’t like deep fried.

  3. Lila

    whaaa? I love deep fried! YUM!

  4. karunamayi

    Cook. Book. Bas.

  5. Yogesh

    Wow, Devadeva, your menu from today sounds great. Makes me hungry! Maybe you guys should move to NYC. We would hire you in a jiffy to be our personal chef, and also introduce you to a bunch of other people who could do the same. Somehow, I don’t think it would work from Alachua to NY! 😦Ys,Yasoda-dulal dasP.S.: when do the first berries come out in Alachua for you to make jam with them? I like jam made with berries (esp. raspberries and blackberries) berry, berry much! 🙂

  6. Devadeva Mirel

    Km—Quiet~Yd–blueberries are big down here. more towards summer. if i lived in ny i would make a killing doing something cooking related. but florida would have to fall into the ocean for that to happen. oh yeah, and i still wouldn’t be able to afford a place to live 😉

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