The Only Thing Certain…

Today is my birthday. 34 years dead. I mean…it has been a really good day.

I was up all night cooking the breakfast for my temple. I know…all night for breakfast? Like I’ve said before, it’s a Hare Krishna thing.
Since many people find my blog by googling “how to make khandvi,” and since I made four batches of the stuff last nite (and oh did it turn out good), I decided to film a little khandvi spreading and rolling. The video is on YouTube and is available to watch here. It is a bit experimental in form–sort of a silent film, it takes you right down to eye level with khandvi. And there is some bada frying to boot.
For more on my birthday celebration, visit Alternate Reality (my Alachua blog).
Now I am going to bake a cake and cook something (hopefully) special for my family.
Happy Birthday to me!


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2 responses to “The Only Thing Certain…

  1. Syamesvari

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!! I think I got the day wrong in my e-mail…oops (brains fried!)

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    hey…i’ll take it when i can get it! thanks so much dear sweetie!

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