Capricorns Rule

It’s Capricorn season and it seems like every other person I know was born between the 24th of December and the 8th of January. Personally, my birthday is tomorrow. But today belonged to our little four year old friend, Ramananda Raya.

Little Ramamananda’s birthday party was kind of a last minute affair; we were invited at 2:15, 45 minutes before the party started–just after I agreed to take my friend’s twins to soccer practice at 3:30. Within a few minutes of the kids getting out of school our social calender was really filling up.

Since we didn’t have much time for gift shopping, I picked up a jar of Strawberry Jam at home for Venumadhava’s friend. Ramananda’s dad used to buy this jam from me when I set up on Sunday’s so I knew Rami liked it. But man, I didn’t know how much!

Venumadhava was a little embarrassed to give his friend jam for his birthday. Venumadhava, of course, had no idea how much Ramamananda likes this jam! Upon receiving it the kid was totally stoked. He then carried it around with him for a good ten minutes until he insisted his dad open it so he could “eat toast on it.”

To put the pressure on, Rami brought over some chips he thought would go nicely with the jam. Eventually he won (it was his party after all) and his dad opened the jam, scooped some in a bowl for the birthday boy, and gave him a handful of chips to use as an edible scoop.

Happy Birthday to you, Ramamananda!

Freaky pinata. “You got to hit him on the back of the neck!” “I broke off his leg!” “Is there any candy in his head?” Wholesome.


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7 responses to “Capricorns Rule

  1. karunamayi

    **Coughcoughcough** january12th *cough*

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    if i were to edit the post to reflect your birthdate, your comment wouldn’t be as funny. 😉glad i am in good company. what year are you?

  3. karunamayi

    1974 HOLLA!Ox, baby.. karuna the Kow… or Ox or whatever…

  4. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    Happy Birthday – Devadeva Mirel – I thought your name was Sabjimata, but I guess not. But the comment I posted before said, … you're right, we capricorns rule. I just had a birthday on Jan. 3rd & I turned 40. My brother, father & I are all capricorns. And we actually get along. Your site makes me hungry; your BBQ Gluten-kbobs look delicious. You rock! I bet you're going to make something nice for your birthday like some dahl with chutney.Have you seen the new trailers for the movie called 2012; that janx looks whacked! But anyways, Happy Birthday – Devadeva Mirel

  5. Sita-Rama

    hey! capricorns are born between dec.12th and jan. 19th!

  6. Sita-Rama

    oops. i mean dec. 22nd and jan. 19th…

  7. Devadeva Mirel

    sita…i was only talking about the caps i know 😉

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