Bowl Not Bol

Tonite the family and I went bowling.

The last time I went bowling was a few years back. It was for a child’s birthday party in New Jersey and I wore a sari and sindhur. My how the times sure do change. Neither my husband nor myself ever fancied ourselves bowlers, but when we got the invitation to get out and bowl we were into it just for the opportunity of leaving the house and seeing other people on a social level.

How do I have time for all this bloggy stuff anyway? That is what people often ask me. I have time for it because I am basically always home. I go bhoga shopping some, to the temple some and the occasional jaunt to Ross Dress For Less, but other than that I am mostly home…a self imposed shut in. So anyone who may read one of my blogs and think I am having oh so much fun in Alachua–well, think again. It must just be the trick of some kind of literary device.

But tonite we actually had fun. Kind of unexpectedly. The bowling alley itself was a bit freaky. Not the kind of place we usually take our kids to (or ourselves for that matter), but it seemed to work out fine. They really enjoyed the nite out way past their bedtime and I think Venumadhava remembered bowling from Madhavi and Narayan’s birthday party a few years back. And me…well I totally get affected by the modes so I tend to have a good time when the lights are dim and the musics loud and the beer is flowing. It wasn’t flowing at our lane, but you get the gist of the environment. High class.

Bowling shoes were a big issue for me and Salagram. Most everyone else didn’t have a problem with them. But hey…that’s so gross–materially and spiritually. So we bowled without the bowling-alley issued footwear and ran into no problems whatsoever.

Krpamoya Prabhu and family were visiting from New V and he and my husband had a pretty spiritual conversation about the game. Prabhu decided that the pins represent the 10 offenses to be avoided when chanting the holy name. My husband came up with the idea that the ball represents guru’s mercy. These guys were so on it. Watch out, Bagger Vance!

And yes, I have turned into that totally annoying person with the video camera. But at this point, people still find me slightly amusing if not a teeny bit cute. I promise I will cut back. Really I do.

But in the meantime, I have these videos. And admittedly, they are rather weak. But whatever, my mom will like them.

Bowl Not Bol
I Bowl Without the Shoes


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