Thank You, Chef Veggie!

Chef Veggie, AKA the very beautiful inside and out Cristina Carolan, was kind enough to send me some dried red chilis which she grew herself. Some of you may remember the very thorough guest post by Sean Carolan (Cristina’s husband) a while back on square foot gardening. Well, these chilies are a reminder that the technique works!

In addition to the chillies this Waldorf inspired mom also sent me a human made beeswax candle which she crafted with her cute as a felted wool button daughter, Keli, and a Radha-Krishna trading card.

Thanks so much for my goodies! Your generosity and encouragement makes me not want to give up being “Sabjimata.”



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2 responses to “Thank You, Chef Veggie!

  1. Nicole Spring

    awww what a sweet gift!! isn't she one of the sweetest devotees ever known?! ❤

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    her voice is like spun sugar….

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