Sabjimata Garden Tour!

Thanks to my brother-in-law, the NASA Guy, and iSquint, I am finally able to upload video to YouTube. 

Last spring I shot a tour of our gardens at our old house in PA. Oh how I miss those gardens. Today my husband and I are re-listing our house with a new realtor. Our renter did *not* work out and I am dying to get the equity out of our PA house and into my 1962 kitchen.
But my gardens will be missed. Thankfully, I have this video to feed my nostalgia, something which I hear is very popular this time of year.
Unable to upload the video straight to this blog (yes, I know…I should be blogging on WordPress), you can find my stuff on YouTube. Yes, I’m on there as Sabjimata.
If you want to hear the voice behind the blog (no folks, that’s not Fran Drescher talking…it’s really me!), see my old gardens not during full bloom or simply waste your time marveling at how the grass is actually greener at Gita Nagari, then check out these links below.
Have a happy New Year! May all house sellers find buyers, may all old kitchens be gutted and remodeled and may our material desires die out and the beauty of our hearts be nurtured to full bloom!

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