We Blew Up Christmas!

Bomb’s away!!

While helping a friend find a video demonstrating some gluten making techniques, I came across a video and recipe for “Fizzing Bath Bombs.” Presented as a frugal way to gift friends and fam through the holiday season, “Fizzing Bath Bombs” didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Personally, I am totally not into baths. The thought of sitting in a tub of my own bath water just makes me feel dirty thinking about it. And I really don’t want to promote that behavior in others. But still, I thought bath bombs would be a good thing to make with the kids and was into the idea of doing something in the kitchen with them that you cannot eat. How very science-y!

Venumadhava was especially excited to make bath bombs and Madhumati was right there alongside of them. The recipe calls for a good amount of citric acid so I warned them not to rub their eyes or noses or mouths. Well, somehow the mixture found its way to every abrasion, cut and membrane on their body and my planned happy time in the kitchen quickly blew up into a full on cry fest by both kids. Ugh.

Lots of cold water later and we had our bath bombs. Ours are rather unattractive because for one I am not at all crafty and for two I surrendered a lot of control to the kids. It was their idea to mix turmeric powder into the bombs, which was probably the least irritating ingredient in the bowl. The video recommended herbs to decorate the bath bombs with. Elegant. We used nonpareils and scented them with eucalyptus oil.

We have yet to actually explode one of these in a bath but I think we may do so in a bath which no kids plan to enter. I don’t know how intense these things are and I have not desire to further torture my children in the name of kitchen fun.

The children found the concept of the bath bombs being inedible difficult to digest.

If you would like to make your own bath bombs or have little children you would like to torture, visit this link to Everyday Dish and get to work!

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