Meat: A Natural Symbol

Merry Christmas!  
Since I am not cooking a special Christmas Eve dinner, I thought I would share with you a Sabjimata book pic.  Meat: A Natural Symbol, written by Nick Fiddes, is a book I enjoyed way back in my original Philly college days of punk rock, feminism and mini-skirts. And now you can simply click the link to read it online!
This is an “academic text” put out by  Routledge and is full of history, philosophy and insight into the culture of meat eating.

From the Introduction:

This book is about meat It is about what parts of which animals we habitually eat, when we eat meat, where we eat it, and with whom we eat it. Principally, it is about why we eat it, or why we do not. The central aims are to suggest, firstly, how meat has come to be the special food it is in Britain today—not why we eat meat at all, but why we eat so much, so often, and with such ceremony; and, secondly, to suggest why certain changes in our eating habits may be happening now.

I highly recommend this book, although this is my first time looking at itsince 1993.  Enjoy such chapters as The Reluctant Cannibal, The Joy of Sex and Pets and Other Grey Animals.

Honestly, I would write more but my daughter is playing an imaginary flute directly into my ear and I cannot take it anymore.
Merry Christmas!

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