Personalized Plates

We finally registered our cars in Alachua.  We had a choice of plates that read on the bottom “Alachua,”  “Orange” or “Sunshine State.”  Of course, we chose Alachua.  Representin’.

But oh my was I super happy when we got the plates.  My car is M00 6NY and my husband’s is M00 7NY.
MOO!!!!!  That’s as good as “HARI BOL” in my book.  and the 6NY and 7NY just makes me think of Prabhupada in New York in the 60’s and 70’s.  You know…where it all began!
Thank you, Krishna, for spiritualizing the mundane. Everything emanates from you and I see your love for such a small jiva as myself in such tiny sweet gestures. 
MOO!!!  MOO!!! MOO!!! 

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