Drop That Cookie!!!

Before you eat another cookie, before you even think about breaking out the mixing bowl and chocolate chips, you absolutely must read this NYTimes.com article about…butter.  Well, butter and baking, to be precise.

With much useful suggested reading mentioned, as well as the highbrow treatment of baking as a science, this article is essential for any baker interested in the words flaky, light, rich, delicious and perfection.  And it all hinges on one key ingredient: butter!
Do your homework. Read the article.  *Then* get started baking those Christmas cookies!


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3 responses to “Drop That Cookie!!!

  1. Radhapriya devi dasi

    Do you have any suggestions on nutritional alternatives for white flour (which from my understanding is evil personified)in baking sweets…i.e cookies, samosas etc. ? PS. I read the article…it scared me.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    As we know, everything is about consciousness. If we are in the consciousness that an organic unbleached white flour cookie is a treat and not our main sustenance, I do not see the harm or the need to view said cookie as personified evil.That being said, some people simply do not like the taste of white flour. I have to say, I prefer cookies with a little more wholesomeness to their taste. I have found sprouted spelt flour to be absolutely terrific for cookies, chapatis, etc. Chapati flour works great for samosas but I think it is probably treated with some kind of preservative. Better to get something a little more local and fresher if possible. Whole wheat pastry flour is a good alternative and readily available in most “health” sections of chain grocery shops, but you may need to increase the moisture content a bit.I think basically if you are baking with whole wheat, you just have to be aware that the results are not going to be the same as with white. Many things are possible with whole wheat, but not everything. I use white spelt which is still white, but it’s spelt. But yeah, it is more processed. There is a brand of white flour that I used to get at Gita Nagari but is not available here. It is milled in the midwest. Sawanee White. It is organic and delicious. There are bits of bran left in. It is a really tasty flour. But it is white (unbleached).The real evil is whether or not the flour is bromated. You will see on King Arthur (which is not organic…all organics are non-bromated) that it says non-bromated. Whatever chemical process that is, it is not good for you! It is illegal in Europe and Canada and California. Please forgive me if I just repeated stuff you already know. Take care and have the Merriest Christmas ever!!!!(LOL…I am so messing with you! XO)

  3. Radhapriya devi dasi

    Wow. Thank you for the indepth, obviously well-thought out/ researched reply. Now I’m going to be even more of a label reader than I already am flour wise…I didn’t know about the bromated thing(which I will now have to google) but, I usually buy King Arthurs or the bulk stuff at whole foods or the co-op. I think we get Sawanee here…it is Texas after all. I’ll have to look into that. Also while I’m inquiring about flour what about self-rising…the only kind I can find in HEB(local chain grocery store) is extra-evil bleached self-rising…I’ve never had much luck with making my own as making exactly how much I need for the recipe coupled with really poor math skills = disaster. I’m totally down with Christmas well not the commercialized version but like the Christ’s birthday aspect of it. After all my devotional life began in Philly (well, Delaware actually)…where I’ve spent a couple Christmas’s with Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu giving lectures on Jesus’ life during the Sunday feast and a Christmas tree to the right of Sri Sri Radha-Sarad-bihari. Although I’m not so sure about the Christmas tree thing…despite the Vaishnava alphabet coloring book I saw last week at the temple…I have the tendency to doubt the validity that the “XMAS tree” as they referred to it is a “holy plant” relating to Jesus.I’d have to see references on that one. And yes…I even do the Christmas baking thing as it’s the one time of year people don’t think it’s so weird for you to randomly send them sweets in the mail. Although I think most of my family/friends don’t seem to mind this. My goal is to eventually get it to a point where I can send out healthy sweets that actually taste good but don’t go bad before they arrive at your doorstep. I’m still working on that one…Anyway…thanks again and no worries about repeating stuff…Kali Yuga memory means repetition is a good thing, besides I didn’t know most of what you said. Alright, Hare Krishna. btw…I got two e-mails(meaning at separate accounts) from you about contact info…my thoughts were I fell into the not interacting/corresponding so much category. Just wanted to give you the heads up as to avoid being impersonal.

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