Anyone Can Cook

Never Mind the Carnage:  Bittmen in his mico-kitchen.

If you are looking for a little inspiration to keep stirring in your own crappo kitchen, Mark Bittman’s column will surely get your sauce simmering.

This post is timely as I contemplate the malaise of my own vintage kitchen, circa 1962.  Ugly and inefficient, it makes tears well in my eyes (I swear it is not all the frying I do).  And yesterday, as I spoke to one of the homeschoolers and her mom about their failed attempt to recreate khandvi at home (Thanksgiving Day no less), I promised them that all it took was a little practice.  That they needed to get used to making it on their own stove, feeling out the heat of their burners, figuring out which pot is best for their own rendition of this prep.  
When I first moved to Alachua and got my new stove (the white one in my upstairs kitchen), I blooped khandvi three times before spreading perfection.  
Mark Bittman quotes cookbook author Marcella Hazan in  So Your Kitchen is Tiny. So What?…ending with: “All you have to do to cook is want to do it.  The kitchen is never the problem.”
I totally agree. But still, that does not stop me from searching the web for well priced stock cabinets with an all plywood box.  

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