Sunday Report


I said I was going to set up on Sunday but…I didn’t!  Instead, I just enjoyed spending time with my family. I know, totally indulgent, but, in my opinion, well worth it.  The pay, however, stinks.
As the year is coming to a close, I am looking back and looking ahead. I am still working on my law school app, although I am leaning towards not going. That is, if I get in and actually have to make a decision on the whole thing.  However, for  my own peace of mind, I am applying anyway.  Just so on my death bed I am not like, “Why didn’t I ever apply to law school.  I wonder what could have been….”.  Since I am terribly prone to lamentation, it’s best that I just complete the application process.
Come January I am closing my online shop. This may warrant a post devoted to the shop closing, but that would just be too much for me.  I am afraid that some of you out there would go human made crazy and clean me out of jam.  I love jam making, cooking, blogging about all that stuff, etc, but what I realize I don’t love is selling stuff.  Especially stuff that I cook and you want to eat.  Like, I would rather just feed you out of love.
That leaves me with two problems.  Money and engagement.  
I need cash.  I desperately want to redo my kitchens and that will take a big fat wad.  And I desperately want to be able to buy myself little things, like anti-aging creams, silicone spatulas and new underpants.  I have been wearing the same pairs since 1997 when I ran away from home and joined the Hare Krishnas.  What, I ask, is wrong with me?
And while I can certainly keep busy folding laundry and washing dishes, I have to admit, I need a little more in my life.  My husband suggested a new baby, which I already have a name picked out for. But still, babies get big and eventually go to preschool and there is no way I will be able to keep churning out the kids just so I have a little project at home to keep me busy.  And just in case my mother-in-law is reading this:  don’t worry.  We are not planning on conceiving anytime soon.  Maybe next winter.  
I really enjoyed my cooking classes with the homeschoolers and am thinking about pursuing that as a funding for my knipl.  But we shall see.  Any business venture, no matter how small, requires a little funding.  Like, I would totally need some new silicone spatulas, if not underwear, in order to teach cooking classes, no?
In the meantime, I will continue to allow myself to get ripped off by My Client, cooking for whatever tuppence he throws my way in exchange for the lovely meals I cook for him.  Yesterday I was asked by a really nice man who I have sort of known for a few years now if I could cook for him once a week.  I had the good sense to say that I had to think about it.  If I replied on the spot I would have been like, “sure, $15 a meal plus the cost of groceries.” Because I am an idiot.
But instead I ran it by my husband and we figured out what I should be charging My Client based on what other personal chefs charge.  And we figured that for cooking one meal a week for this one man, I would need to charge $45 plus groceries.  Which is a lot. Which is what I would need to charge. But still, that just makes me uncomfortable.  I don’t want to tell the man that is what I would have to charge him because he just might pay it. Hey, you never know.  But I do know that I don’t want him to pay it. But I do know that is what I would have to charge.  
See….I am so not cut out for this!
So expanding the personal chef gig is out of the question.
Last nite I made many batches of Harriet’s Thumbprint Cookies for My Client to take home for  Christmas.  I used sucanat, whole wheat pastry flour and jam supplied by My Client. I have to say, the jam is not very good. It is actually a sugar free fruit spread sweetened with apple juice concentrate. And that is what it smells like, apple juice concentrate. Ick.

Friday my kids are off from school and My Client is off to mama’s house.  During the time My Client is away I plan to do more work coming up with crazy plans for my life.  One can never think too much about one’s self!



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5 responses to “Sunday Report

  1. kmala

    I learned what a kninpl is from Judge Judy. I wish I had one.I still have some pjs from 1994. I understand.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    gotta love judge judy!i'm shocked about your pj's! what…h & m doesn't have a sleepwear department??

  3. nomoreanger

    Why do you need underwear to teach cooking classes to kids? I mean I could understand *adult* cooking classes :-pSeriously though, I really sympathize with your problem. Too bad I can’t cook one millionth as well as you can. I also don’t *like* cooking anywhere near as you. Or I’d do what you do. Instead, I went back to school, took on homeschooling, and had a few more babies. Most of the time that seems like the right thing to have done. Of course, we always second-guess ourselves. I know I have my moments!Love you!–Nitya

  4. Priya

    You need an agent to handle the sensitive part of telling clients exactly what you charge and collecting the cash. It would be worth it! I wish you luck in whatever you end up doing, and am unlucky in only being able to feast on your lovely jams with my eyes. I need to start cooking…

  5. Devadeva Mirel

    oh how i do need an agent! i am not good with the money thing…but slowly getting better.thanks for the warm wishes. are you in uk or dc?

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