My Friend, the Austrian Baker

My friend, Varacita, is from Austria and she bakes. Like, mad baking. She just gave me the link to her baking photo blog and now I am slipping all over the place in puddles of my own drool.  Not only do her confections look good, but they also taste good!  No eggs, all quality stuff, prepared in good consciousness in totally hygienic conditions.  

I had a difficult time figuring out which shot I wanted to lift from Varacita’s blog.  I chose this one, Eisenbahnschienen (Railroad Tracks).  It is a pretty far out looking pastry and the photo really made me, like, want to eat it.

Okay, Varacita. I know you have been baking away and selling some treats as you go.  Please let me know what you have around because I would love to get some goodies for my family.


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3 responses to “My Friend, the Austrian Baker

  1. mrssilverman

    I looked at Varacita’s blog and it is AMAZING!! Both of you are so talented!!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    thanks…actually…varacita really takes the cake. literally. i am just a kitchen hack. that is why i am applying to law school.

  3. mrssilverman

    i just sent you a friend request on facebook.

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