Wednesday Cook Day: Disaster Strikes Sabjimata Kitchen!!!

I thought today was going to be fabulous. At 7:30, when I went to drive my kids to school, the temperature was already 68 degrees. I was feeling better than I felt yesterday thanks, in part, to the warmer weather, which relaxed my achey old lady muscles. Cooking was going to be okay, I thought, and I shot My Client an email letting him know we were on for lunch.

I marked a few recipes in some fancy schmancy Italian vegetarian cookbook earlier in the week and when I got home from dropping the kids I reviewed the marked pages and got the veggies out of the fridge.  The big deal thing I was planning to make was the “Rullo di Scarola,” or escarole roulade.  The filling looked like a cinch but I lacked confidence in the dough. Not the dough as presented in the cookbook but rather the dough made how I would have to do it for My Client: with whole wheat flour.

Rullo di Scarola…the pic from the cookbook

Unyeasted–basically a savory streudal–I had low expectations going into it.  A friend of mine, an amazing Austrian baker, tried making a whole wheat streusal for my client recently and failed miserably.  Looking back I cannot imagine what I was thinking (if I was thinking!) when I endeavored to make Rullo di Scarola.  But endeavor I did.
The end result was not very flattering.  The dough was not stretched thin enough and once slice, my Rullo di Scarola was  just a thin layer of filling inside a dough brick.  Not good.  So I bifurcated the Rullo and scooped out the filling, rescuing something forMy Client’s lunch.

This is the closest I think I will ever come to performing surgery.

Sad, sad Rullo.
When I brought the stuff over to his house and told him the name of today’s post, he just laughed. I then explained the Rullo Problemo.  His response was pretty chill. Basically, he said that he likes that I experiment and that he understands that means I am not always going to get stuff right on the first try (to which I added I will never get this right if I cannot use white flour!!!) but he always gets to eat interesting stuff, so he’s not complaining.
Unfortunately, the rest of today’s meal wasn’t very interesting because the Rullo di Scarola took up most of my time.  Like, I had to throw the dough on the work surface 100 times. That took at least 2 whole minutes!  Tomato sauce with green beans, cappellini pasta, salad and roasted Belgium endive were the other items on the menu.
Not so interesting.

Roasted Belgium Endive
But the rescued filling was.  Kalamata olives, rehydrated raisins, homemade breadcrumbs, fresh Italian herbs, a smidge of ricotta cheese and escarole made a pleasingly bitter mix.  I thought the endive might have been bitter overload, but what the hell. You only each lunch once.  A day.
And now I am going to have my mid-day meal.  Dry homemade spelt toast and tea.  I told you I’m sick!

Toast and Tea

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One response to “Wednesday Cook Day: Disaster Strikes Sabjimata Kitchen!!!

  1. Mandakini/Margaret

    That roasted endive looks so yummy. Sorry your dough bombed.I feel you on the tea and toast. i’ve been subsisting on it for the past few days. today i realized i may need some protein so i had a teeny bowl of soba noodles in leftover lentil soup.

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