Year of the Pastrami? No Thank You.

I think the designers of the Jewish Zodiac placemats should have been more veg friendly when choosing which Jewish foods correspond to the different signs of the Chinese zodiac.  I mean, there are many respectable Jewish foods which do not contain meat.  Matzoh balls, hammentaschen, kasha varnashkas.  Okay, so they all have egg in them but I am sure an ambitious Jewish housewife could open the yellow pages and find a kosher deli out there that offers eggless versions. 

Thankfully, being born at the start of ’75, I miss the cut off for Year of the Pastrami.  I am the Year of the Schmear.  Whatever.  I guess that’s cute (I tend to spread myself a little too thin), but I am not a fan of the word schmear, either. Ladies, you know what I mean.
 If you haven’t wasted enough time online already for the day, go check out your sign here. 
This will change your life.
Just kidding. 


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4 responses to “Year of the Pastrami? No Thank You.

  1. hkeating

    Well, sister of mine, here is my sign – we were meant to be sisters 🙂BLINTZ 1970Creamy and dreamy, you’re rightfully cautious to travel in pairs. You play it coy but word is with the right topping you turnover morning, noon and night. Compatible with Schmear.Thanks for sharing that website – very cute. Love, Heather

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    wait a minute..there must be an error. there is no way we are compatible unless it is underwritten that blintz is legally obligated to throw schmear out of her room and into the hallway wall.lolxo

  3. hkeating

    But every nice Jewish (current and former) girl knows that what good is a blintz without something tasty on the side, eh?!If I had known we were so compatible by Jewish food standards, maybe I would have been a nicer teenager. 🙂LOVE YOU!Heather

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    ok. i’ll accept that.

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