My Tummy Hurts

“I Am Half Sick of Shadows”
Tomorrow is the LSAT. I have a lot of cheerleaders behind me, despite the occasional vaguely unsupportive comment which tends to show up on my blog. But still, despite the bland jabs left by clandestine commentators, I don’t have a good feeling going into this. Since I cannot find it in me to think positively, I will just put cognizant thought on hold and head off to bed to have horrible nightmares about alien abductions, dinosaurs, illegal immigrants, politicians, voting laws, the bread in France, sales tax and life on Mars. You know, LSAT type questions.

Psyche Opening the Golden Box


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3 responses to “My Tummy Hurts

  1. Braja

    Good luck love!padi

  2. Sita-pati das

    Good luck – Rock out!

  3. Devadeva Mirel


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