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Every once in a while I keep track of the google searches which bring people to my blog. Below is a recent smattering. I didn’t bother to repeat some of the more popular searches but suffice it to say that persimmons, especially Mu Ch’I’s painting, are of great interest. As is vegan French toast, what to do with quince, rural route box address issues, buckwheat and spelt recipes as well as searches for hot Bengalis and hot Hungarians. Er, sorry, this is not that kind of site!

I have to say my favorites are #20–because I love Apurva and think he should put out out a quantity cookbook, #32 for it’s mystery (although context clues and a google search easily demystify it) and #45 for its economic culinary poetry.

This picture, one of my absolute favorites, has nothing to do with this post.  But in the future, if anyone is googling “kirtan fundamentalist”, “East meets West Pakistan bhajan”, ” Fender + burka” or “fusion cooking,” hopefully they will end up at this blog.

1) evaporated cane juice substitute amount for white sugar
2) kadampa money
3) timberwood organics
4) daily screen printing
5) sudevi mataji, gita nagari
6) guava conserve
7) persimmon butter
8) sabjimata
9) devadeva mirel
10) spelt croissants
11) french toast eggless
12) foods that won’t make me fat
13) recipe Krishna hare kurma cake
14) khandvi recipe
15) gary Snyder persimmon
16) martha stewart waldorf dolls
17) Mu Chi Persimmons
18) recipe buckwheat pizza
19) shrikand thicken
20) apurva quantity subji recipe
21) chapatti secrets
22) buckwheat cake
23) persimmon jam
24) june taylor jam
25) what do I do with quince
26) sausage helper
27) eggless French toast
28) june taylor jams popular conserves
29) meaning of “MU CH’I’S PERSIMMONS”
30) mulberry tree family name
31) Rural Route Boxes Definition
32) what is the difference between White Monkey Holding Peach and tiger balm?
33) Yogaberry vegan
34) How to cook buckwheat for pizza
35) ups rural route box
36) fructose substitute sucanat
37) rural route box
38) date jam shelf life
39) subjimata
40) how to make persimmon butter
41) how to make bengali pickle
42) hare Krishna devi chef
43) changing rural route to street address
44) spelt chapatti
45) chestnuts and persimmons
46) where to buy rose petal jam
47) persimmon marmalade
48) asian waldorf doll
49) do I live in at a “RURAL ROUTE” PO BOX?
50) “krishna temple” and “sayreville”
51) petha sabzi recipe
52) waldorf handmade dolls Israel
53) selling jams online
54) personal statements for kitchen assistants
55) where do quince fruits come from?
56) buckwheat quick bread recipes
57) how to pickle asaparagus
58) hot Bengali
59) hot hungarians
60) cow & milk
61) i’m going through changes
62) university florida law



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5 responses to “Search This

  1. Angelic Love

    At least the muslim woman isn’t running around in a miniskirt and going to lawschool.

  2. Devadeva Mirel


  3. Angelic Love

    Are you actually a devotee? You look like one of those modernized type of women, the kind that aren’t submissive, and completely indepedent. Ever read any of Prabhupada’s books? Ever try wearing a sari?

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    I am too busy cooking for my husband and taking care of my children to read Prabhupada’s books. Sorry. Thankfully, they are available on audio. As per saris, I would rather spend my time baking bread than ironing to make a favorable impression for you.I am, actually, not a devotee. Hanging on by the mercy of the kind souls who are sweet enough to give me their positive association.I wish you all the best and pray that all the unkindness inside of you is externalized in a way which does not cause any offense to the real devotees so that you don’t end up with stomach cancer.Have a great day!

  5. brijlata

    Not submissive and independent………no! What evil characteristics a woman can have. Seriously….

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