Florida Fruit

Although I am busying myself prepping for the LSAT, which is this coming Saturday, my  husband keeps trying to distract me with some not-so-forbidden fruits.  Two days ago he brought home Ratatouille from the library and yesterday he handed me a sack of citrus.  In the bag were tangelos, tangerines, navel oranges and the humungo ponderosa lemon.  They are all represented in the above pic.
The ponderosa lemon is almost 5 pounds. It’s huge size makes it easily mistaken for a grapefruit, which would be nice, too.   Anyway, although the temptation is there to go crazy with my zester, I am containing my enthusiasm and putting off all jam making until after the LSAT.
What will come of my Florida fruit bounty?  I really couldn’t tell you other than “think small.”   Four ounce jars have been selling well and I continue to receive inquiries asking about what new varieties will be available in petite.  So I promise this: something citrus and something soon.
Thursday (tomorrow) is my last major LSAT prep day.  Friday I cook for My Client.  Saturday I take the LSAT and attend the ballet with my family.  Hopefully in the midst of all this I can cook something yummy for us, since Thanksgiving leftovers are long gone and the cranberry cake and baked stuffed potatoes I made the other night are also distant, digested memories.  My tummy is rumbling, my head is spinning and the clock is ticking.  
Time for bed!  


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4 responses to “Florida Fruit

  1. kmala

    kadampa money?!?!?

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    i have no idea. i did blog about the hotel kadampa (bad name, no?) in italy…but….anyway, you are so vain…drawn in by the similarity to your beautiful name…be happy you are not kadampa mala!!!xoxoxo

  3. vaniski

    Dear Mother DD, I check your blog everyday and love to read all the fancy shmancy things you cook. The pictures give a very nice visual effect. You are very inspiring.Thanks so much,’Vani

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    xoxoxox vani…email me at sabjimata@gmail.com so i can have your email, okay?

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