Sabjimata Mailbag

This morning I checked my email and there were quite a few letters from blog readers upset about my personal cheffing pay.  Thank you. Thank you, all.  I, too, feel I should get paid more for my highly specialized skills, however, it ain’t going to happen.  This is Alachua.  Florida.  See, you never even heard of it!  Well, I’ll tell you this much…it’s not Park Slope.
My Client, when we renegotiated my wage from a measly ten bucks an hour to the current amount, clearly said he was not going to pay me more money, even if I threatened to quit again. He is paying about $20 a meal as is and he only gets a fresh meal twice a week.  The other days he is rendezvousing with the toaster oven on warm.  
Below is an email from my most outraged reader, Sharon P. from Australia.  Sharon is a strong supporter of the Sabjimata brand.  I am publishing this letter because I like Sharon’s spunk and also I hope it encourages My Client to, ummm, like…give me a bonus for all the hard work I did making his Post-Thanksgiving happening awesome.
Hi D.,
Ive been upset all day!!! Why…well you get paid way too little by your client (who I dont like btw).
And I did suspect that he was ripping you off even after you renegotiated.

Now I speak as an accountant, business woman and home cook.

What you sell is your time here. You must get paid for time spent shopping, cooking, cleaning up and delivering this slave drivers weird food requests. Usually a cook will come to the clients home and get paid by the hour including clean up time. In your case you are even using your own gas and electricity and poluting your own home. This use of rent and resourses must be charged out imo.

Also keep in mind that 18 bucks an hour for very specialised cooking skills is pretty damn low. I beg you to try getting someone to give you a quote for the same requests and I guarantee that you wont find anyone who could do it. Now, even if you found some cook who would be prepared to put in the time to make everything from scratch, follow weird recipes etc…I bet they would charge you at least $400 dollars a week minumum.

This guy is really living very well isnt he. Outsourcing all his single guy needs cheaply by the hour!!!!! Entertaining extravegantly on your hard labour and back breaking work.

I think you can make money much more easily. But, if you care to continue slaving for this client then charge him the proper market rate. eg. minimum $20 hour plus travel expenses.

I personally would make a package deal of no less than $300 week (not including food) for normal cooking etc, subject to change if the catering becomes for more people.

Good luck, you need to use those lawyer skills now to renegotiate!!!!

So, what do you, dear reader, think?  Is being passive aggressive a lawyer skill?


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6 responses to “Sabjimata Mailbag

  1. kmala

    I think it’s all relative. If you feel you’re being underpaid and don’t enjoy doing the job, then don’t do it. But if you can live with the pay (literally and figuartively) and love the cooking, then what’s the biggie? I agree with Sharon – but if he really wouldn’t raise your rate if you quit, then why chance it if you need the money?More agressive, less passive for lawyering, I think. but not like scary, mean, rude aggressive. like smart, sassy, make-you-feel-like-you-got-kicked-you-know-where agressive.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    True, Kmala. But I love Sharon’s letter. I do hate my job. But I love my job. But I hate it. But I can live with it. Because, well, I don’t have other options.

  3. Ryan

    Is that $300 Australian or $300 US?

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    i hope australian!!!….but as kmala says…it’s all relative 😉

  5. Ryan

    But $300 Australian is less than $200 US.

  6. Devadeva Mirel

    but if i lived in australia…

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