Madhumati’s Big Tendu

My daughter was taking ballet on Tuesdays after school with Prtha.  Most of the girls in the Bhakti Bhavana class participated.  This past Tuesday was the last class and many of the parents came to observe the grand performance, which wasn’t really a performance in the traditional sense, but we got to see our daughters’ dance skill on display nonetheless.

Prtha had the girls go around in a circle and say what their favorite ballet move was as well as demonstrate it.  There was a lot of shyness and a lot of acting like animals–an exercise Prtha had the girls perform regularly during the class.
When it came time for Madhumati’s favorite, she very cutely said, “Uhhh…a tendu.”  Madhumati is very tiny and hearing her say a so very French ballet term was, uhhh….adorable.  And yes, she did manage to extend her leg and point her toe.  
I was sad that the class ended. Prtha is wonderful with the kids and Madhumati loves her.  Prtha even baked peanut butter cookies for the last day of class and distributed them to all the kiddies.  Thanks, Prtha!

Strrrrretch. Madhumati was one of the few girlies without ballerina clothes.  Next year, Sweetie, I promise.


Good toes.”

Harini and Krsnaya….not twins, but close.

It was difficult getting a shot of the girls with Prtha without having Prtha’s head totally chopped off.  At 5′ 11″ she towers above the girls; literally giving them someone to look up to.  At 5′ 2,” I also look up to Prtha!

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  1. Anonymous

    Ultimate cuteness. I'm glad you got some pics. I didn't even bring my camera, knowing that I would be holding or chasing Vish the entire time 😀

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