Vegetarian/Vegan Thanksgiving: You Need This Link!!!

Bryanna and her veg bird
This woman Bryanna has an awesome seitan turkey recipe. I just made 3 batches of the stuff for my kids’ school Thanksgiving par-tay tomorrow and for my own Thanksgiving shindig on Thursday.
I will make it again on Friday and will measure out and write down my own onion/garlic free tweaks but I can tell you this: I subbed onion and garlic measure for measure with yellow hing.  And my “chicken broth” is my old standby of nutritional yeast, mustard powder, hing, Braggs, sage and thyme.  
I cooked it for a long time, possibly 3 hours.  I flipped mine a few times but I might omit that step in the future.  Also, I don’t think it needed all the broth for the basting, but whatever.
This recipe is VERY GOOD!!!  A great, juicy texture. Not too gluteny.  There is tofu in it which I know some people don’t like but hey, a little extra estrogen once a year won’t make you develop breasts (just look at me!).
Okay kids, get to work!  This is easy to make but requires a lot of oven time.  Nothing like a little make ahead entree to make your Thanksgiving day serene while you keep your kitchen clean.
Aright, enough rhyming. It’s not like I’m having a contest or anything.
***Check out Bryanna’s blog, which I linked on my sidebar.***

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