Tuesday Cook Day

Today My Client invited a few guests for lunch. So in addition to considering My Client’s Italian tastes when planning the menu, I also needed to factor in the guests’ dietary restrictions. No carrots, no dairy, low fat and no vinegar. No problem. Sure, the original guest lunch menu included pizzas, fried side yummies and figs soaked in raspberry vinegar (as opposed to alcohol) and then stuffed with whipped cream cheese and jam. The new restrictions meant a little strategic regrouping on my end, but I got it together with a major thumbs up from My Client.

We decided he would take a jar of tomato sauce I made for him out of the freezer and boil up a box of cappellini before the guests arrived. I would do the rest (of course…it’s my job!).

Roasted vegetables were a safe bet. I cooked them with only a drizzle of olive oil and a good squeeze of Braggs, allowing a moist yet charred texture. My Client really wanted baguettes, so I set to work researching a good recipe that seemed like it would yield positive results when tweaked to be all whole wheat flour. Here is the recipe I used. The baguettes turned out fab, although I would recommend purchasing tube pans so that the shape is more upright. The dough is very wet, which allows for wonderful air pockets to develop. But it is a bit iffy looking when you hand mold a loaf. Personally, I would add a little more salt to the recipe next time, but maybe you wouldn’t. I’m just a salty kind of girl.

Hot from the oven, ready for transport.

Whole wheat, airy baguette

For dessert I stuffed fresh mission figs with fresh cherries, covered them in extra dark premium chocolate, added a little marzipan leaf and stem garnish and then wasn’t happy with the results. I feel it would have fared much better if I followed my original non-vegan plan; the results would have been moister. To compensate I cooked up a light vegan saffron lemon custard to serve with the fig bon-bons. It should be eaten as a no-heat fondue. Hey, everybody loves a little dip!

Cherry stuffed fig bon-bons

Bon-bon in saffron lemon custard

Admit it.  It’s cute!

Like I mentioned earlier, My Client was very pleased with the looks of things. He even vowed to purchase baguette pans so there can be more baguette making in the future.

After I get cleaned up from today’s cooking I will organize for Friday’s cook day. And in between? Cooking the faux turkey for my kids’ school Thanksgiving lunch and getting stuff together for our own Thanksgiving fete’.


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