Signs From God

One of the benefits of being me (the me constructed by this jam/cooking blog) is that I get gifts a plenty from my real and imagined friends.

This bumper sticker pictured above is a recent gift from a real friend, Ali Krishna.  Ali and I go way back to about two summers ago when she visited Gita Nagari and could not get enough of manure shoveling.  She really is a special girl.
After researching this bizarre-o bumper sticker (with a very early ’80’s production quality), I saw that the slogo has been documented by Godvertising as a typical preaching tool appearing outside churches.
I guess we can all agree that forbidden fruit may create many jams.  But I have to say, when put in cooking terms, it sounds very tempting…  I read this bumper sticker and think “I got to get me some of that!”  
I just hope I am not forced to use white sugar when I am boiling in hell…

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