My Mini Me

Tonite I made a tray of eggplant rollatini for my family for dinner (I cook separately for my family and for my client).  I didn’t get to taste any of the rollatini I made for my client, but was totally jonesing for a fix of the stuff.  Tomato, cheese, eggplant and bread.  God, what could be more perfect?  Spinach and paneer, that’s what.  But I was happy to settle for second best.

And so was my family.  My husband happily dug into his portion (which was about half of the tray).  My daughter asked for a second helping.  My son and his two friends that were over for dinner didn’t touch the stuff, but I didn’t mind hiding their helpings in my tummy.  Everyone but the picky eaters were happy and I was feeling like I had done good.
But the really proud moment of my night came when I was bringing out the meal and my daughter said with enthusiasm, “Is that eggplant parmigiana?”  
What 3 year old asks such a question?  I love her.  When she heard it was eggplant rollatini, a dish she has never tried, she seemed just as enthusiastic.  I always wanted a little girly just like me and it seems like I’ve gotten her, from her double pierced ears to her leopard print sweater, her wedge bob haircut and her bottomless pit of a stomach.  
At my son’s birthday party this Saturday there was one mohawked young boy who’s father is famous for his sweet rice, gulab jumans and sweet and sour sabji.  The boy was very particular about what he ate and even kindly declined the kabobs saying “I don’t eat gluten.”  Well, well.  I always liked this boy because of his punk hair, his shayna punim and his cooking pedigree. Now that I know he is a bona fide foodie I am really vying for a match between him and my little petunia flower.  This morning I told his mother, “Just give me a list of the things your son likes to eat and I will start training my daughter now how to cook them.”
Of course, unlike her mother, my daughter’s astrological chart (yes, I believe in that stuff) indicates that she will be in no rush to marry.  She is supposed to be artsy and intellectual and focused; not a typical desperate American teenage girl.  She is supposed to marry later in life–like her late twenties or early thirties. Of course, these days it seems like any marriage before 40 is considered *early.*
Hopefully her interest in cooking will only increase. She already has the prerequisite down for becoming a great cook: she loves to eat!  But since she is a bit of a klutz I am holding off on any formal cooking lessons for her now.  She has no right being around fire (also in her chart) and is easily prone to burns.  But once she gets it a little more together I will definitely have her rolling chapatis and making palak paneer.  
Somebody’s got to feed me in my old age.


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10 responses to “My Mini Me

  1. Anonymous

    Hey mata, if this girl is predicted to be artsy, intellectual, and focused (not your typical desperate anything), why then don’t you help the constellations a bit and have the pretty faced boy trained to cook the girl’s favorite dishes instead of training her to cook his favorite dishes. Pay attention, the new vedic order is acoming. And little girls need mothers who understand THAT.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    the wife serves the husband and the husband serves the wife. together they serve krishna. no need to change anything.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh but there is. There is need to change A LOT. Take a look at this:

  4. Anonymous

    Indeed, the vedicness of these ideas notwithstanding, the only evidence of their “success” is among taliban-like communities. By definition, service is a spontaneous movement. If the sentiment indeed is one of love of God, people will serve each other <>despite<> the myth of a Vedic Mother Ship.

  5. Devadeva Mirel

    dear anonymous–could you chill out a little? this is just a cooking blog. it has no affiliation with iskcon or the vedic world or the taliban or anything other than me, my stove and my family.please don’t leave politically inspired comments on my blog or i will be inspired to “permanently delete” them. capiche?i just don’t want to get into all this. here or anywhere else. if i did i would surround myself with people who talked about this kind of stuff or visit these controversial websites on my own.let’s keep it light and friendly here, okay?

  6. Anonymous

    yes mam. lets not spoil the platter with this sort of traif.

  7. Anonymous

    Apologies. I thought I read Planet <>Iskcon<> somewhere on the screen.

  8. Devadeva Mirel

    my dear north american mac using yid slanging commenter: yes, this blog feeds to planet iskcon which, from my understanding, is an independently run blog aggregator.just please oh please oh please relax. i never meant for this blog to be a target for anyone’s ideological ammunition or advancement.really….wouldn’t you rather leave comments about freezing basil or seasonal fruit?

  9. Gopal Nandini aka ginger

    I love you DevaDeva. . . that’s all I can say.

  10. Devadeva Mirel


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