Arguing With No One

I just disabled the option for readers to leave anonymous comments. Hopefully this will be a temporary thing only.  I found myself responding to and arguing with an anonymous commenter and found the exercise compelling yet annoying.  So, to nip it in the bud, anonymous comments have been disabled.
Let me, however, use this space to lay out some groundwork for future comments from my beloved blog readers:
1) This is my blog.  What I say goes.  The following is what I say.
2) Let’s always remain nice to one another, okay?
3) I know the blog has lost some of its initial jam-centric focus.  Still, let’s keep it somehow related to these things:  
a) jam
  b) cooking/eating
c) my cute kids
d) earning money for my cute kids
e) kitchens
f) local produce
g) food related limericks
h) gross crap like bacon chocolate
As you can see, I have expanded the scope of this blog to be pretty liberal.
4) Let’s stay away from Hare Krishna politics, criticizing other people (other than the standard: meat eating is grody to the max kind of commentary).
5) If I don’t like your comments I reserve the right to delete them, although I am pretty tolerant.
6) This is not a Hare Krishna Blog.  This is not an ISKCON manifesto. If you are looking for information on the Hare Krishna movement, please email me or do a google search. If you would like to discuss something about the Hare Krishnas-be it from the perspective of an interested possible practitioner or an inflamed ex-cult member*, please email me at  Please do not leave comments.
7) Please remember, I always will love you, even if you spit at my blog, make fun of my name or  put ermine in my mittens.
Okay, that about covers it for now.  Thanks for looking, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.  
I don’t know why I wrote that other than this is my blog and I reserve the right to do that kind of thing.
Now on to more blog-worthy notes.  Tomorrow I am doing a cooking class in my home kitchens so I should have a fun little post to share tomorrow, resplendent with photos of successful and unsuccessful attempts at khandvi making.
*Really, I don’t want to talk to you about this stuff…but if you must,  better you leave your schtick in my inbox than in my comment box.

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