Sunday Report

It would be nice if I had a blog post…so…here one is! My Sunday Report is in suspended animation as I am on sabbatical from selling at the Sunday feast until the second week of December. While my husband took the kids to the zoo in Jacksonville today, I stayed home and worked on logic games for the LSAT. Everyone had a good time at the zoo without me, the family’s social conscience. My husband said it was hard, but the kids seemed to manage to have a good time despite me not being there, imploring them to think about how awful it would be to be locked in a cage without adequate grass to run around on.   And other inhumanities. Like not being able to get away from your own poop.

Yesterday was my son’s birthday party in honor of his 5th year, which he will complete on November 25th. We had a happy birthday, complete with Mmmuh Grandma (code name for my mother) and friends. The par-tay was a bit rushed since many of the boys had soccer games in the afternoon but the highlights included: a group of four boys pulling down a huge tree trunk in our yard, me way overcooking for a party of about 30 people and my mom’s definition of Judaism as “the opposite of being Christian.” Something for everyone, folks.

My son and the other kids seemed to most enjoy the crap bags, excuse me, candy bags that were passed out to the guests at the end of the melee. Each bag had chatchkis, chocolate, a natural fruit snack (because I felt bad about the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups) and party blowers. Apparently it is very important for kids to have something to blow at the end of a party.

This afternoon, while taking a break from such mind stimulating questions like this:

“There are five students on the the prom planning committee: Alice, Betty, Connie, Doug and Eaprhram. Alice can only attend a meeting on Tuesday if Connie is wearing blue shoes. Betty never wears blue shoes. Doug an Eaphram only wear blue shoes if Alice is a lesbian. What is the maximum number of students that can be lesbians?”

I headed over to the Hare Krishna Temple with a tray of brownies and a tray of gluten kabobs, unloaded my melee leftovers at the Krishna Co-op table and headed home with hopes of making 80 cents on the dollar on my leftovers. The Krishna Co-op table sells lots of yummy stuff on Sundays. The preparations are made by all different people and converge under one tent for sale. The money is split 80/20 between the cook and the temple. I am just happy that I didn’t have to personally eat a tray of brownies myself. As for the humungo tray of baked ziti leftover, I have decided against setting it on the floor as a feed trough for my family and will stick it in the freezer until some charitable event requires me to defrost it in the name of being a good samaritan. Italian casserole anyone?

Other than that we are pretty much all tidied up around here after the party. I can’t locate my camera right now so I will leave you with this parting shot of my son moments after he entered the world.

x’s & o’s


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7 responses to “Sunday Report

  1. Gopal Nandini aka ginger

    Tell Venumadhava Happy Birthday from all of us. It really goes as fast as all those old people used to say, doesn’t it? Miss you all. . .

  2. Lila

    What’s up with Dads, labor and Champion sweatshirts? Is it like a uniform? KP had on almost the same outfit. 🙂

  3. Devadeva Mirel

    I will pass on the birthday wishes, gopal!and lavanga… is not a good outfit. was his heather gray? i hate heather gray. maybe as part of the prenatal class they could advise the moms to be to have a soothing outfit picked out for their husband. i am assuming kp’s was black. i could just picture it…

  4. jackie

    So what’s the answer to the LSAT question? My guess is two…

  5. jackie

    nope, 3. i say husband cracked the LSAT prep books for a time…they’re addicting, huh?

  6. Devadeva Mirel

    jackie…you want to take the lsat for me?

  7. Devadeva Mirel

    jackie…you want to take the lsat for me?

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