Not a Personal Statement

Bready and cheesy.  Call it what you like.
Yesterday, as a little on the side fun, I made a crusty, pizza-like focaccia. Or was it a focaccia-like pizza?  Hard to tell.  Nevertheless, it was topped with a fat brushing of virgin organic olive oil, fresh basil and tomatoes, capers and organic mozzarella cheese.  Here’s a little secret: whenever I say “organic” I really wish I was saying “ergonomic.”  Ever heard of “cheese grater’s elbow?”  I rest my case.

Speaking of cases, my law school application continues to be in process. I have been working hard at my personal statement, which I found out today is not called a personal statement at University of Florida.  Oh no.  It is an Admissions Statement.
Today I met with an admissions counselor over at the Levin College of Law.  Not only is he a counselor, but he is also the Assistant Director of Admissions.  He reads the applications and helps decides who gets in or not.  I have to say, the meeting was very valuable.

Because law school is serious business, I painted my toe nails for today’s meeting with the admissions counselor. The last time I painted my toe nails was approximately exactly 5 years ago.  I made sure my toes were painted before I went into labor a week and a half early (thank you, God) before my due date. For some reason that was very important to me.  As you may notice, I didn’t file my toenails or do much else to my feet other than apply ridiculously cheap polish to them.  Note the footwear: Usually (always) I wear plastic know, the kind campers wear in the gross, public showers.  For my law school adventure I am wearing newly acquired all-man made material girl shoes from Ross Dress for Less.  Hey, you don’t have to spend a lot to look like a lot. Or something like that.

Mindful of making a good impression, I took extra care when mixing my prints.  This combination says: “I don’t give a damn that I flunked 9th grade Geometry.”

For one thing, I am really at peace about whatever I get on my LSATS.  Basically, the admissions counselor would not give me a score that makes it a sure shot for admissions.  But he gave the range between 140 (which is super low) and upwards in the 180’s.  When I went to the Kaplan testing center last week and did a test cold (never saw an LSAT before) I scored a 164, which is 76th percentile. The admissions counselor assured me that I will score lower on the actual LSAT (thanks) due to the stress of the testing conditions but figures the worst I will do is high in the 150’s (fingers crossed). So I feel like a contender.  GPA-wise I graduated Magna Cum Laude (and not in psychology, thank you), so in that regard I am tight.  Please forgive the bragging…I am just getting psyched for the final rewrite of my “Admissions Statement.”
When I showed the counselor my essay (he’s not allowed to look at the essays…but, okay) the first thing he said was it was too short. My first few drafts were 4 pages (the allowable maximum) but on the advice of a very wonderful lawyer (my father-in-law), I shortened it to a page and a quarter.  Also, on the advice of my husband and some other family members with my best interest in mind, I left out a lot of stuff which seemed like it could have been a liability.  Pish-posh!  After speaking with the admissions counselor, it seems like being Devadeva finally has its benefits.  In the words of the counselor, “I don’t think there’s a student in this law school who attended 6 different schools as an undergrad yet managed to graduate Magna Cum Laude.”  Yeah, that’s right!  I’m not a flake…I’m…the incarnation of DIVERSITY!!! *THAT’S* why I need two d’s in my name.  I’m representin’!
Okay, so for once in my life I am feeling good about my marriage to the Bengali village boy, the fact that it took me 11 years to get my undergraduate degree and of course, all that floor mopping and toilet cleaning at the Hare Krishna temples got to be worth something.  If I don’t get into law school, I’m blaming it on the fact that I never worked at McDonald’s. 
And not get in I might.  This year the applicant pool is expected to increase by 1,000.  Out of the 3,500 applicants, the school is only accepting 200.  That is a full 100 less acceptances mailed out than in previous years and it is all due to state budget cuts.  The counselor was encouraging me to apply to more than one school (he himself applied to 16 before attending Kansas) but, uh, I have a house and a family and I can’t relocate for the next 3 years.  In addition to the stats on applicants, he gave me the rundown about University of Florida’s position amongst the nation’s law schools. It is ranked amongst the top 50 best law schools in the U.S. and is amongst the top 5 of public institutions.  So, if I get in that will feel good and if I get rejected, well, at least I will have the comfort of being rejected from a good school.
Now I have to get on top of LSAT review.  While getting on top of my son’s 5th birthday party. Or maybe I should re-phrase that.  His party for his 5th birthday. This will be his first full on birthday party ever.  Oh, where has our alternative lifestyle gone?


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6 responses to “Not a Personal Statement

  1. Campakalata Devi dasi's

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! 😀 You crack me up!!! Gosh, your blog is great! Love it. Love it. Good luck on getting your double ‘D’ diverse self into that law school! (I think you just might be breaking some laws already – at least relating to the use of the English language with your combining of the words “approximately” with “exactly” and “usually” with always” :D) We’re root’n for you from all the way out here on this island in the middle of an ocean.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    Chomps! Thanks for the cheerleading….you are the second person to comment on approximately exactly. I might be on to something with that 😉I am wishing you all the best too. I think you may also be breaking a few laws LOL!!!! But if anyone can do it…it would have to be Mrs. Stri Dharma herself.My love to your family and the entire Best clan out there…which…like an ocean of mercy…is always increasing!X's & O's!

  3. Anonymous

    See this yet? is your opinion?

  4. Anonymous

    A Philosophical Refutation of the GBC’s 2000 “Women in ISKCON” Resolution

  5. Devadeva Mirel

    i barely skimmed it because it is not the kind of stuff i am interested in. that being said, i agree that the local culture should be respected and honored, although i will add that, in the case of mayapur, the local culture is now one that includes westerners and spiritual tourism.politics, especially of the iskcon institutional variety, are not my thing. let the conservative devotees find inspiration from and associate with other conservative devotees. let the liberal devotees find inspiration from and associate with other liberal devotees. let us all come together for harinama sankirtana and chant chant thing i will say, however, and it does not reflect any deeper opinion i have on the matter: in regards to bengali devotees fainting at the site of women giving class in the temple room in mayapur…the whole thing is complicated. especially by the fact that many of these devotees end up in the west sitting in classes given by matajis. the fact that iskcon is global needs to be dealt with in some way by some one at some time. from all angles: race, gender, nation of origin..etc. very few devotees are advanced enough to actually embrace the idea that we are not this body.really, i am just interested in trying to become a humble vaisnava. i have not interest in being called prabhu…i thought we were aspiring to become servants and not masters.i feel like your short question is being addressed to me because i am applying to law school and that just seems so adharmic: working mom. but i am doing so on the urging of my husband who sees how hard i work cooking for $$$ and also sees how little money actually goes into our bank account from the endeavor.we moved to alachua so our kids can have devotee friends and a more kc life. our cost of living doubled and my husband’s salary was cut by a third. we need to make sacrifices.i would much rather stay at home (in gita nagari!!) rolling chapatis and picking mulberries off the tree…the occasional aroti thrown in for good kc measure. but we have to remain flexible and make the best decisions we can, on an individual and personal level, that are going to work for our family unit.i am finding kc and material life very difficult and only wish the best for everyone trying to find their way in this world–devotees and thought: devotee association means: encouragement. my opinion on that paper is that i hope all the devotees can find a situation in which they feel most enlivened and supported to serve srila prabhupada, the jagat guru…patita pavana..karuna sindhu…kc is for everyone and not everyone is in the same place. we just need to find a way to make iskcon a place where everyone can fit and not step on one another’s toes. devotees are so special. we need every last one…male, female. western, indian. good, bad.

  6. Devadeva Mirel

    i just had a bit of time on my hands and did some more skimming…what do i think of that blog/paper? it saddens me that someone would take the time to criticize devotees such as mother rukmini and mother visakha. i do not disagree with devotees voicing their differences and debating relevant issues, but the tone should always be respectful.

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