Paneer. The Other White Meat

This morning I did an experimental “Curd Burd” for my client’s Thanksgiving soiree.  While there are a few minor adjustments I will have to make for the actual day, overall I think Curd Burd will work.  

The “skin” of phyllo dough is better than nothing, and in my opinion, happily not very skin-like. Curd Burd is pleasantly spiced with sage, dried parsley, thyme and nutritional yeast.    Oh yeah, and paprika, which I need to discuss with my client because the color of the paprika interferes with the whiteness of the paneer. I need to see if he wants to keep the blanco effect.
Off to cook for my client’s next four days of meals.  Pasta blah is the request.  With a few side dishes of blah and blah. I will try to come up with something a little fun.  For my sake.


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2 responses to “Paneer. The Other White Meat

  1. Veggie Bytes

    Hey DDD,If you are looking for “skin” and can get to an Asian store…look for yuba.It’s the film that floats to the top of soymilk production, which they dry and store in plastic bags that never protect them adequately from breakage..hey maybe even milk skin could work.Anyway, Ive used the yuba in those “ribs” you were drooling over.Might have to stop though because I just can’t seem to trust China’s food products anymore. 😦

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    yeah, we’ve discussed this option…but for one i don’t want to go to the asian market (stinky fishy) and for two my client doesn’t want to eat anything manufactured in china.;(

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