Personal Statement

Wouldn’t it be nice if I had something really blog-worthy to write about…like supple croissant dough that rose with the lightness of a helium balloon? There is no cooking going on in the Sabjimata kitchen, save for the hunk of paneer being pressed on my countertop in anticipation of a little pre-Thanksgiving experiment. Sorry to gross you out, but I am going to try flaky buttery brushed phyllo dough to give it a “skin” effect. Honestly, I don’t even like using that word in reference to fruits and vegetable, preferring the less life alluding term “peel.” But when trying to effect a faux-ish bird, “skin” is the word. So pornographic, I know : (

But what I am really here to blog about is my personal statement. Did the post title give that away? I am really trying to get this thing done, but…well…I am having some difficulty. For creative stimulation I bought a memoir, so my brain would work in ways that are appropriate for someone trying to exude that “I have an education” je ne sais quoi. To get an idea of what people write about for their personal statements, I bought a book called “Law School Essays.” The memoir was an enjoyable purchase. The essay book was a stupid waste of money. But still, I think it is helping me. In some way. I am almost sure of it.

For editing support I enlisted Carl Herzig, professor of English at St. Ambrose University and the editor of Reason and Belief: Problem Solving in the Philosophy of Religion and A Hare Krishna at Southern Methodist University. Dr. Herzig is a gem of a person and is full of love, helpfulness and editorial insight. I have submitted two personal statements for his review and, well, am going to be working on a third.

The first essay I wrote was, in the opinion of my husband and Dr. Herzig, a little overflowing with me. I liked it a lot, but it did not present me as the best candidate for law school “unless maybe in the woods of Humboldt County or someplace cool like that” as Dr. Herzig wrote. Point taken.

My second essay was so very boring. It was like “Hi, I’m a mom. I bake cookies, make jam and promise to bake cookies and make jam for all the children I want to advocate for in family court.” It was, ummm, not exactly me. Or me, but in heels. Like, heels and an apron and a string of pearls and a really clean linen dish cloth. Squeaky clean with lipstick on and some Aqua Net sprayed hair. But not in a tongue in cheek kind of way. Oh no. My tongue and cheek would never touch. That would be, like, dirty or something.

Thankfully, Dr. Herzig is full of really good feedback. I wish I was his student because he always takes the time to write such thoughtful and lengthy feedback to everything. Even a quick email about Santa (just trust me on this one). He is deeeeep. I wonder if he actually has to sit back and think about stuff before he writes it or if it all just comes to him, fully logical and rational, in the moment. I would totally recommend Dr. Herzig for law school.

So now I have to try and find a balance between my initial essay about pesimmons and being married to a Bengali village man for a year and my second essay about time travel from the 1950’s (not exactly). Oh, to have begun planning this application stuff months ago. Lamentation probably isn’t a good theme for a personal statement.


What fruit says, “I’m mature, confident, capable and dammit, I enjoy tort reform?”



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6 responses to “Personal Statement

  1. Madhava Gosh

    Quince.It is solid (mature), unique flavored (confident), can be baked or boiled (capable) and needs sugar added (tart reform).

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    too bad that wasn’t a contest…you would be the winner!oh, how i love quince.

  3. Amanda

    Congrats to applying to law school!! I will take the GRE next month, wish me luck!

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    lots of luck! i am sure you are well prepared.

  5. Anonymous

    hmm…pineapple is the first one that comes to mind.

  6. Devadeva Mirel

    i, too, thought of pineapple.

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