Friday Cook Day

Today I cooked for my client. Of course I did. It’s Friday.

There are no pictures because I didn’t take any. So believe me or not when I tell you what I made him. Pasta primavera, zuchini/cannellini patties, tomato sauce con vegetables, cannellini zuppa and a couple of artichokes. Personally I didn’t find the meal inspiring but my client did. Go figure.

Right now I am in the process of trying to streamline my life by making it more complicated. Four days ago, inspired by the “to dream an impossible dream” victory of the United States’ first non-white male president and also boosted by my score on a practice LSAT which I took at a Kaplan testing center, I have decided to apply to law school (really, it had nothing to do with my husband’s insistence, I mean suggestion, that I apply). I realize there is a very good chance I won’t get in since I am applying to just one school and since the 2,000 other applicants have most likely been preparing for this process a good amount longer than 3 weeks, but hey, what the hell.

I am at an age where I honestly am not afraid to embarrass myself (those of you who know me personally may find this shocking…since I voluntarily embarrass myself all the time). I guess what I mean to say is, I don’t give a damn about embarrassing myself. Besides, applying and not getting in is nothing to be embarrassed about. Really, it’s not. I mean it. Hey, stop laughing at me!!!

So I will not be setting up at the Sunday feast until law school application madness is over. Jam making, as mentioned earlier today, is officially on hold. Basically I just plan to sit on my butt as much as possible, laptop on lap, trying to hammer out a personal statement, request transcripts from the six undergraduate schools I attended (I know, that’s a lot…and yes, I only got one degree. Let’s not talk about it) and drink a lot of lemon ginger tea.

Already I am starting to feel so post-Victorian. So very Bluestockings.



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2 responses to “Friday Cook Day


    Wow, congrats on your decision here. I am sure that you would be a fantastic lawyer! Good luck!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    thanks for the well wishes, elizabeth. i am not even sure i can get the app done on time. it’s all in god’s hands. if krishna thinks florida needs another jewish lawyer…than so be it!!!

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