Tuesday Cook Day

Today, being Tuesday, was Indian Meal for my client. Normally, after I am done cooking, I photograph the preps, blog and then head over to my client’s. This usually means the meal is a bit late, but I feel that only makes Indian Meal more authentically sub-continental. However, this being election day and all, I got my butt over to my client’s bachelor pad pronto so that I could get a little Obama-ing in before I picked my offspring up from their work, AKA Montessori pre-school.

My client wanted to discuss his complicated Italian inspired Thanksgiving meal, which I am cooking for about a dozen or so of his friends (plus their offspring!) with no extra pay. However, in the spirit of giving thanks, I hope my client remembers to thank me with a little holiday bonus. Cash only please.

I hung around listening to the details of his plan (paper thin slices of fennel topped with orange slices topped with buffalo mozzarella–no comment). Then I went to lose my voting virginity to Obama. How did it feel? Well, you know what they say, once you go black…

Actually, the only reason I voted for Obama was that I didn’t want to get my ass kicked by all my black friends. I was having flashbacks to fifth grade when Tanesha and Tameka would terrorize me with, “What you looking at, Small Bones!” “You better keep on walking, Small Bones.” “I’m gonna kick your white ass, Small Bones.”


As I filled in the ballot (that’s right, no lever, no machine), I thought, “This one’s for Tanesha and Tameka.”

Not really. But I did vote for Obama and I feel okay about it. Either I have lost my religious fundamentalist edge (affirmative) or I just am okay with it. Kind of like how I am okay with the fact that I am really a lesbian. Ha! Got you, mom!

Okay, so what did I cook?

Last week there was lots of wet, this week it is all dry. But I threw in a chutney to moisten things up a bit and everything is nice and fatty thanks to my friend, Dr. Ghee.

The Menu:

Dhokla (made with besan flour and organic brown rice farina…an experience)
Dhanya Coconut Chutney
Aloo Paratha
Paneer, Broccoli and Yellow Bell Pepper Sabji (simple but cast-ironed)
Pumpkin & Kale Sabji (’tis the season)
Brown Rice (of course)

Pictures below. I am now officially late picking up my kids. I would think of something clever to end with but I have no time.



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3 responses to “Tuesday Cook Day

  1. Lavanga

    great pics! professional! and wow– i’m shocked– YOU voted for obama! yay! 😉hey while this doesn’t have anything directly to do with your post, i have an indian cooking question:what’s up with dals in chaunces? mine always end up hard and inedible. what am i doing wrong???

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    i’ve only used split urad in chaunces and never had a problem. the only think i can think of is this: do you add your chaunce to the end of cooking? when i use split urad for a rice chaunce, I do the chaunce and then add the dry rice, stir fry a bit and then add the cooking water. boil boil…maybe that is your trouble?let me know if my theory floats or if it is just water logged.if that is not helpful, i would try kurma. he is a good samaritan and always answers his mail.

  3. Lila

    i’ve never done it for a rice–only for dry sabjis (like this one coconut okra one)… and it makes for a tooth-breaking experience. i’ll ask kurma. 🙂

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