Sunday Report

No gnus is good gnus. But no news is not good news. At least not in regards to this past Sunday. I didn’t set up at the feast because I was sick. Mind you, I cooked all nite Saturday, making triple the kebobs as usual. And Harriet’s cookies turned out extra special. Could it be because my white spelt is back in town?

I am still kind of sick but life is moving on. After uploading pictures from my camera I found a couple of shots from Saturday. Saturday was another festival at our temple and I cooked a bunch of stuff in small quantity for the program, none of which I remember save for what I documented with the digital camera.

Here are some of Harriet’s Thumbprint Cookies made for Saturday with Guava Peach Palm Conserve. Just imagine Harriet holding her pina colada while standing at a tikki bar complaining about her son dating a shiksa.  That’s the beauty of Harriet.

Stuffed Florida avocados.  Avocados don’t get any bigger than this.  This dish was inspired by a recipe for stuffed baked avocados out of one of Kurma’s cookbooks (the first one, I believe). He stuffs his with tofu, cream of coconut and avocado. I stuffed mine with paneer, tomato, coconut milk and avocado.   Both recipes seem equally fattening.  Fat = Yum.

As long as I am feeling better by the weekend, Sabjimata will be setting up at the Sunday feast again.  In the meantime, I am packing up a huge tray of kabobs to go into the freezer.  They will come out in a few weeks for my son’s fifth birthday party.  Nothing like feeding guests leftovers.


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2 responses to “Sunday Report

  1. Lori Albanese

    Excellent Great Space Coaster reference. Feel better!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    i know this is my own blog…but god those cookies look good.

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