Mother Cow & Milk

This is an old post from my first blog. In the mood of reducing my carbon footprint, I am recycling. It is a bit heavy on Hare Krishna jargon. Still, even if you are not in the om namo bhagavate know, I think you will be able to get the point of my conspiracy theory.

The institutionalized formula feeding of newborns is simply another way to make cow slaughter seem okay.

Since the 70’s, the formula coroporations have been heavily marketing their better than mother nature “milk” for newborns with such force, that today it is standard for women to not even nurse their newborns even once!

When I was pregnant, there were all these free “magazines” (advertisements bound in a glossy cover) with supposedly helpful information for new mothers. There was always an article about making nursing “easier.” “Easier” nursing usually requires a comfortable chair, lots of glasses of water to drink, the remote control/a book/the phone and whatever else you need at your breastfeeding “station,” lanolin for sore nipples, nursing pads, bras, blah blah blah.

These articles never made nursing sound anything but difficult. Then you turn the page and there is a coupon for formula, sometimes even a free sample. The propoganda is there and it is really negative.

I have been nursing babies for almost four years now and I find it convenient and cheap. I don’t feel tied down (as the propoganda says you will). Sure, my husband can’t nurse my baby, but other women have. I don’t own any special nursing paraphenalia. I don’t even take vitamins. Honestly, nursing is a no brainer. Just like Krishna intended.

We give milk to our babies and cows give milk to us! See, it is not hard to see that the cow is our mother.

However, once women stop giving milk to their children the definition of mother is changed. Women are not valued for their lactation and then neither are the cows. It becomes difficult for people to see the cow as mother because as kali yuga progresses, they do not even know what a mother is.

Milk is not only pleasing to Krishna, but we can see from my ineloquent argument that it is a cultural symbol for mother which has been displaced.



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11 responses to “Mother Cow & Milk

  1. Luise

    Dear Devadeva!Great post!I have a 3-months old baby and I think nursing him is just the best thing! I know that my diet is great and that I’m getting all the nutrients I need and therefore, I know that he does too. There are constantly new discoveries in nutritional science that render formula incomplete because this or that nutrient is lacking. Also, depending on how much milk he needs or what in the milk he requires, my body responds and gives the baby the optimum of nutrition! And there’s certainly nothing more convenient and easy than to just roll over and give your baby some breast when he’s hungry at night (if he sleeps in the same bed). Imagine having to get up and waiting for the formula to be at the right temperature while your baby wakes up everybody else in the house because he’s hungrily crying!I also very much like how you drew the connection between mother cow. Which reminds me: Would you ever homogenize your breast-milk? Well, that’s why my family doesn’t drink homogenized milk. There’s nothing like a nice chunk of cream at the top of the bottle! Yum!Anyway, keep up the great blogging!Luise from Germany

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    lol! i thought you were suggesting homogenizing breast milk. i was like, “but that would require pumping!” anyway…i see it was a rhetorical question!i just got out of the bed with my two kids this august when we moved. it was very easy giving them milk when all i had to do was roll over. and at a certain age the kid just finds it themselves.thanks for your encouraging and supportive comment. keep nursing that little one! sometimes it may seem like all they want to do is drink but it is good for them (and you!).

  3. karunamayi

    great post, DD. I stopped nursing in January, after 12 years, to my 3 kids and it was an amazing part of my mothering.I never thought of the connection you made and I appreciate it very much.That jam makes you smart, lady!

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    i didnt mention my other theory…that breastfeeding makes you dumb…i think brain cells get sucked out through the milk. seriously.

  5. Luise

    Well, good thing you have the jam to counteract, then. 🙂I also just remember that I never responded to your questions about my comment with the fruit tree map:I don’t know if it’s possible to put maps from my Google Earth program on the computer on the internet. Maybe I should research. So far it seems like we’re the only people in our area who scout out free stuff. We’re getting a best friend couple interested, too, though.Yesterday we freeganed some pumpkins who were left rotting in the frost. They’re not great for eating as they’re very hard and have little flesh, but very nice for halloween pumpkin decorations.

  6. Devadeva Mirel

    don’t ask me how, but i think you can i have seen an l.a. frit map like that.

  7. Anonymous

    I totally agree with the cow/mother connection. It’s really sad. Especially after having breastfed my two kids, I started thinking about this connection. Then I contacted a bunch of the organic milk companies and asked what happens to their cows once they no longer provide milk.They all responded that they sell them for organic meat. Pretty sad really. These mother cows provide us with milk for about 7 years, then are sold for slaughter.At the time all I wanted to do was become vegan and buy land for the cows to retire on.Unfortunately I still buy milk from the shop. I wish I had my own cows…padi

  8. Anonymous

    “We give milk to our babies and cows give milk to us!”A little inaccurate. You may be giving milk to your babies, but the cows do not give us milk. We take it from the cow (the calf, actually). Then we rationalize it saying Krishna loved cow’s milk, so it must be right.

  9. Devadeva Mirel

    yes, you are right and prabhupada is wrong. thanks for clearing things up for me!

  10. kiriti dasi

    great post deva. which i am reading as i sit here with my four year old on my lap nursing. how great it is to be a mom. but i am losing lots of brain cells :).

  11. Devadeva Mirel

    four years nursing the same kid? boy, you are dumb!!!! 😉

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