Work From Home

My Jam Kitchen has really filled out. We’ve added another much needed work table and more shelving.  It would be nice if my client donated some more shelves to  me since he just brought over cases upon cases of organic crushed tomato and cannelloni beans. I have a five gallon bucket of virgin coconut oil, five gallons of organic virgin olive oil, 5 gallons each of buckwheat groats–for shtetl cuisine, 5 gallons of organic moong beans, 5 gallons of organic brown basmati and bags upon bags of organic spices.  Some of which I will probably never use because, well, just because.  And then there is the case of Real Salt, which tastes like gritty dirt to me but intellectually I know it is good for you.  But still, gritty dirt.  I’m just not that into it.  Then there are the cases of roasted peppers, kalamata olives and lord knows what else I have yet to discover.  If I was smart I would charge him a storage fee.

In addition to my client’s stock, I have my own stuff to deal with.  Many, many pounds of flours and sugars which I am working on getting into buckets.  Spices, which I never have enough of.  Salt. Olive, peanut and mustard oil.  Jars of ghee. Office stuff.  Labels. Jars. Lids.  Canners and big pots.  Spoons.  Refrigerators. Newspaper for shipping. And etc.  Lots of etc.
I have been working on getting organized.  Well, not exactly organized but at least put away. Now I will start working on getting organized.  

If anyone has some time, please…send me some, okay? I will gladly gift you a jar of Saffron Cardamom Peach jam in exchange.

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