New Merch!

The ever so popular “I COOK for KRISHNA” apron is now available in sky blue ink on a jungle green background (otherwise known as light blue on dark green).  Here my daughter’s handmade Waldorf doll, Gopi, models the new arrival.  As you can see, this apron is way too big for Gopi. Thankfully, the apron ties are fully adjustable, making this a perfect fit for practically anyone who is not a Waldorf doll.
To see the apron color selection, just click here.  To purchase this durable apron, just click here.
Get a jump on your holiday shopping by ordering your apron now.  Or at least soon.  In about a week a new color combo will be debuting the Sabjimata racks.  Pink ink on black cloth, for those of you who have inquired about a more “feminine” color combo.  
And if you are interested in shopping for a Waldorf doll or two, check out Gopita’s Dolls on Etsy.
So let’s see.  Aprons, dolls…what are we forgetting?  Oh yes.  Jam.  Do place your order now to make sure your jam arrives in time for baking your Christmas cookies.  And keep in mind, jam makes the perfect hostess gift when visiting relatives Thanksgiving time, which is only a few weeks away.  No need to gift wrap. Just place your jam jar in one of the deep pockets of the apron.  
Eco-friendly.  And Sabjimata friendly, too.


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2 responses to “New Merch!

  1. mrssilverman

    Hello from Texas Devadeva!! I made your buckwheat muffins last night with pumpkin and oatmeal. The final product was awesome!!Thanks,Amanda

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    well, mrs. silverman from texas…glad to hear you had buckwheat muffin success. pumpkin sounds like a delightful addition.

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