Here Comes the Judge…

Last nite I submitted all the entries to celebrity guest judge, Kurma Dasa. And just moments ago I received an email from him declaring a winner.

Of course, if I was judging this contest, everyone would be a winner. But I am not. So since I relinquished my judging power to Kurma, I must follow through and accept his winner. Sorry, Betsy!

Jelly roll please…..

(Okay, my sense of humor peaked about forty years back in the Catskills…)

Bhakta Carl of Adelaide, Australia!

(Cheers and jeers heard round the globe..)

I know nothing of Bhakta Carl other than his geographic locale and the fact that he wrote a mighty fine limerick. What is it with Australians and limericks?

Bhakta Carl’s ample glorification of not only my jam but my entire Human Made product line not only makes me like Bhakta Carl, but further convinces me that of the 2 lowest class first world countries on this planet, I took birth in the wrong one. People, I tell you, they love me in Australia.

So, here it is. The winning limerick. Read it and weep.

An Alachua chefette named Deva
Liked to worship by means of Jam Seva
Her jams are Prasad
And although I’m no Bard
Hope my verses can win her some favour.

The spectacular Sweet & Sour Cherry
Would make mis’rable fellows quite merry
Taste her jam from Rose Petal
You’ll forget Heavy Metal
Feel real love, at least momentary.

My fav’rite, Vanilla Peach Butter
Cured a friend from incurable stutter
And her jam from Persimmon
(It’s adored by all wimmen)
Lifted drunks from a life in the gutter.

So next time you feel sad and afraid
Here it comes now, the punchline’s delayed:
“Grab some Dark Cherry Sauce
And some Pickle (of course)
And don’t forget, “Wear Human Made”.



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2 responses to “Here Comes the Judge…

  1. Yasoda-dulal das

    Holy croissant, these are mighty fine limericks! I don’t know how good the other entries were, but bhakta Carl sure turned in some fine ones.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    yes, they are good. a jar of jam well earned.

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