Downtown Alachua Farmers Market

Tuesday, opportunity rang me up in the middle of my cook day. It was Steve (or was his name Scott?), the market manager for the newly opening Downtown Alachua Farmers Market.  Steve wanted to invite me to join the market as a vendor.  Why, thank you, Steve!

But of course, the thing that stands between me and the market is the fact that I am not totally legal. While my kitchen is clean and sanitary, it lacks a 3 basin sink, mop sink, hand sink, regulation lighting, a range hood (oops) and painted walls (high gloss, to be exact).  All this requires not only money, but time to figure it all out and get it all together.  
And if and once I do get ye olde kitchen inspected and start doing the farmers market thing, how will I find the time to actually do it all?  Anyway, instead of lamenting my opportunities I should spend my time getting this kitchen inspection thing together.  The goal for at least getting started on it is December.  
Remind me if I forget, okay?


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3 responses to “Downtown Alachua Farmers Market

  1. Madhava Gosh

    I did the Wheeling Farmer’s Market for 5 years or so before I got overtaken by fatigue and some other factors. I sold about 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 flowers, and 1/3 my wife’s crafted gourds. She started getting into some good shows so didn’t need the sales outlet so that combined with my medical condition, I stopped doing it.I am still a member and have dreams of selling there again.We used to have Joe the Jelly Guy but he was older and no longer comes around, so consider yourself invited to the Wheeling Farmer’s Market as well. 🙂

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    very interesting. thanks for the invite. how big is your gourd patch?

  3. Madhava Gosh

    Haven't grown gourds in years due to health limitations.My wife buys hers at gourd shows and from an Amish guy in Lancaster PA>

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