Sabjimata Too Hot Bengali Chili Pickle is Here!

Attention all you achar-heads out there!  You asked for it and now I’ve got it.  Sabjimata Too Hot Bengali Chili Pickle is here!

Personally I find this stuff completely unenjoyable.  The Mild Bengali Chili Pickle is a top seller and if I didn’t need to keep an inventory, I could probably go through a jar a week.  It is absolutely perfect, adding a touch of heat to sabjis, rice, chapatis or kichari.  I even know one customer who eats it wrapped inside a flatbread with a banana.  See, it’s versatile.
But this new pickle I cannot eat.  I cannot even smell it. It is just so hot.  A teeny tiny taste burns my gut and dominates my tongue for hours.  This is not a pickle to be eaten in abundance, even if you do like it hot.
The spicing is the same as the Mild Bengali Chili Pickle and contains no onion, garlic or vinegar. It is freshly made with local chilies and is pickled in mustard oil and salt.
Want to give it a try?  Just visit the Sabjimata Pickle page and add it to your cart.  Depending on how much heat you can take, you just might be sorry.

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