Tuesday Cook Day

Today is Tuesday, officially “Indian Meal” on the cooking rotation. On today’s menu: brown basmati (of course), aloo parathas, eggplant and zuchini sabji, palak paneer and moong badas with greens in a fragrant tomato gravy.

The eggplant sabji was kind of impromptu. I was planning on cooking green beans and pumpkin, but the green beans, which I purchased Friday at Fresh Market, were covered in fresh fungus when I took them out of the fridge today. Both sabjis are kind of mush mush but the badas add some chew to the plate.

Friday is another cook day and I have no idea yet what that menu will be. It really depends on the organic produce selection at the store, which to be honest, sucks. Now I have to pack it all up and drive it over to my client.

Same thing every week. See? This is a real job.


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