My Imaginary Friends

I used to think the internet just isolated people as individuals sat in solitude plugged into the glow of their plasma screen, participating in a one sided interaction with the world. And then I moved and got wifi.

Now I have friends all over the place. People contact me on Facebook, through the comments section of my blog and through good old fashioned email. We joke, send each other presents and sometimes I even mouth off to them, hoping my sense of humor can be understood by a simple 😉 thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes, as fate would have it, I even end up in the same room as some of my imaginary friends. Of course, neither of us recognize one another in real life or sometimes we even forget that we are online friends. That world is so vast and expansive. But when we do realize we have already occupied a space in one another’s lives, there is usually an embrace, big smiles and a momentum to the conversation. You know, like with old friends.

It is all very weird but kind of fun. Last nite I extended a dinner invite to a devotee who may visit Alachua soon. I only know him through his blog and 2 brief email exchanges after I left some characteristically over familiar oh so Devadeva comments on his blog. Thankfully he didn’t think the invite was weird. I guess he is familiar enough with my blog that we seem to think we sort of know one another enough for this whole thing to be normal.

And what does my dear husband think of the whole thing? He is not prone to an online life so he thinks it’s great when imaginary friends become real. Or at least come over for prasadam.


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