Govardhana Puja–Celebrated

Today we are celebrating Govardhana Puja at New Raman Reti.  The Deities were offered a new outfit this moring–an Asian silk of red with white, silver and pink (complete with coordinating peacock backdrops).  Greeting was made even more fabulous by the soundtrack (cows…rain..thunder), the strobe lite effecting lightning and the altar decorations.  On top of the sringhasanas was the Samvartaka cloud of devastation.  Rain (plastic-y shiny streamer-y tinsel-y things) was pouring down and the Deities stood atop Govardhana Hill.  Really great decorations.  

Madhava Prabhu’s huge Sila was on the altar, painted so wonderfully.  More and more 
Silas kept arriving, all lovingly decorated by Their devotees.  There was even a waterfall…it must have sounded very tranquil from the Deities’ vantage point.
Hardly anyone was at the temple, which I still can’t figure out. Maybe everyone was at home doing seva.  Anyway, there was a terrific abhiseka, which me and some girls had the opportunity to make dried fruit garlands for.  So much colorful fruit juice!  The caranamrta tasted like strawberry lassi.  Since the program was scarcely populate, I go to bath Giriraja 5 times.  More mercy.  It kind of reminded me of Gita Nagari, except I would have considered the attendance packed for GN.
I just got done cooking some cooking for the clay pot offerings tonite.  I have pictures from this morning and will try to post them later.
We are having a really great day.  Like being in Vrindavan…but without hoards of local people staring at us and asking to take our picture.  At least they ask.
Giri Govardhana Maharaja ki Jaya!

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