Simply Grotesque

Tonite while shopping for my client’s Tuesday cooking (we are going away Monday), I happened upon the most disgusting thing that could possibly happen to premium chocolate.  For almost 8 bucks, you can buy a bar of dark chocolate with bacon inside.  

How is this even considered sanitary?
What the hell is wrong with people?
As you can tell, I am totally outraged.
Do you know how difficult it is to find a bar of dark premium chocolate with nuts in it?  Not almonds and cherries.  Not milk chocolate and hazlenut.  I’m talking dark with nuts, any nut. Nothing else.
Well it is near impossible.
But bacon?  
No problem.


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11 responses to “Simply Grotesque

  1. Nityananda Chandra Das

    ewww Nasty

  2. Samba

    You are in the South now for sure. You will find just about anything married with pork here.

  3. Devadeva Mirel

    that is so grody.

  4. Ananga-manjari

    it’s so repulsive i don’t even have words for it. just chunky bits in my throat.

  5. Devadeva Mirel

    for real.

  6. Paul Lawrence

    That is awesome!!! what store did you find that in?? Bacon and chocolate is an awesome combination!!!

  7. Doc Morgan

    Now, I know some people might consider this outrageous amongst other more creative adjetives used in the prior posts. However from a alternative point of view I must say that there are many things that are generally considered to be “improved” by adding “something” to them. As you noted, and probably the most common being nuts and chocolate. I love peanuts and chocolate! Lets take it one step further however and look at things that bacon is commonly added to in order to “improve upon” another food. Bacon wrapped scallops, the bacon cheese burger, bacon in salads, the list goes on. So I take my hat off the the genius that took two common foods that compliment others and put them together in a sweet and salty harmony. I have personally tried this before and found it to be wonderful. Go ahead and insult me, disagree with me, whatever. I don’t care. I am simply offering another view from experience.Now…. where can I find one of those?

  8. Devadeva Mirel

    i still maintain that the barf factor of bacon + chocolate is a definite triple barf, but am intrigued to see some non-vegetarians readers.i found the offending bar at fresh market in gainesville.

  9. Madhava Gosh

    Gives new meaning to the concept of “pigging out”.

  10. Devadeva Mirel


  11. Devadeva Mirel


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